Reggae Lovers Rock Singer – Glen Washington causes a Major Heat Wave in Dallas, Texas by Mushiya Strickland

Dallas, Texas was literally 103 degrees in the shade not so long ago. What it really needed was a cool down.

However, that did not happen as Glen Washington rolled into town and added another 100 degrees to the already smoldering confines of Dallas metro-plex.

Glen Washington has proven without a doubt; that he is the master of this Reggae Lovers? rock domain (in the words of MC Hammer ? you can?t touch this). This reality was more than apparent as he took the stage at 1:50 a.m. on Saturday (more like Sunday Morning) for a 1 ? hour set at the Caribbean Grill.

When Glen stepped out on the stage and belted out hit after hit without easing up; the ladies just went wild!!!! And I do mean wild. It was like a scene from the movie Jaws. That movie was was scary; only this scene that was being played out live was Glen in concert stuck in the sea surrounded by Piranha?s!

Fans frenzied reaction:

The ladies were screaming, clawing, and rubbing on his pants legs; each one trying to get a touch of him. It was pure mania all for the Love of Glen Washington. If I say it was WILD! Trust me it was WILD! It?s amazing how resilient some women can be, when they are trying to get what they want and what they wanted was to touch Glen. Because there was no security provided for him on stage and the stage level being low, some of the women actually made it up on the stage, hugging him, taking pictures and he being the professional he is; just kept on singing. At one point, a group of women were hoisting up their friends on the stage.

It was a real mad/unbelievable scene. Glen being Glen took it all in stride and kept on performing. I thought when he belted out the song, ?Together in the Dark? as he sung the words ? ?call me baby? ; the place erupted! As if the scene was not already in a frenzy mood. He leans over and reach a fans hand, as he serenades her another fan grabs on to his dreads. I am seeing first hand the effects this singer has on the females, now I know why it is most certainly a lovers rock style.Trust me the women really wanted to call him more than baby. (smile).

If anyone ever had any reservations on Glen Washington?s crowd drawing abilities, his performance on Saturday in Dallas would have put those reservations to rest. The Caribbean Grill was jammed packed with people, die hard fans that are already aware of what the master is capable of, along with new fans wanting to witness personally what all the hoopla is about surrounding him.

I understand that it was the largest attendance in Dallas reggae history for the Caribbean Grill.

Overall Performance

I would definitely rate him 200+ top of the scale.

He did not slack or linger; he came to Dallas on a mission to please and his he did. As hot as it was on stage (no fan) he still managed to give his all to the performance, to the delight of the fans. And I am here to tell you it was a magnificent!! performance.

Even though Glen did not travel to Dallas with a Band; working solely from tracks and A Capella at times, his performance was still on the money!!! He has tremendous stage presence and a strong voice. Very capable of carrying his own.

A live backing Band would have been nice. Even without Glen still had the ability to carry his weight in songs by being a very strong and enticing vocalist. Adept at using his Voice as a very sultry instrument. Moving with ease from his old Vintage songs taken from his earlier works. Taken from releases such as: Number 1 Girl, Can?t keep a good man down, The Right Road, Wanna be loved, to Solitary Red Rose as well as new songs from the ?Destiny? CD released in February of this year. From his hit tunes: ?Together in the Dark? to ?Still going Strong?.
He was on top of his game.

I was hearing from some of the new fans in the crowd, who were not very familiar with Glens older songs. That some of the songs he were singing sounded a lot like Beres Hammond?s songs.

I am here to tell them, it was all Glen?s works. He absolutely did not, do any cover songs. He did however sing a rendition of the Temptations song ? Ain?t too proud to beg?. which is a cut on his ?Destiny CD?.

Glen Washington is without a doubt, the Reigning King of ?Lovers Rock?. He came, He Conquered and took many a prisoners in his Lovers? rock mode.

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