OUR MUSIC, STARS, JOKERS & THE MEDIA: Rant from Mikey Hulsmeier

(Raw unexpurgated rant from veteran entertainer – all thin-skinned readers BEWARE: Originally from facebook)

Music jokers in Barbados become big stars….in Barbados….why? Because radio, television and the print media make it so. The more sporty you sound and behave the bigger you get.

Yet the ones with the talent to take us somewhere can be either totally ignored or given very little push coz they are not seen as the real deal by the so called authorities on music on de rock.

When these talents get snapped up by America and go do something big….and we got nuff ah dem now…Rihanna, Shontelle, Livvi Franc, Hal Linton, J-CO and more….. the media jump on the bandwagon and be brekkin off their managers phone kissin ass for an interview and then write or get on radio and say YAAAAH…OUR VERY OWN…HOME GROWN!!

BRAVO!!……joke…home born…but not home grown coz we let the weeds and bush grow over dem and america come and search under the weeds quietly and say “heeeeeeey maaaan look what I found….Barbados got fruit trees maaaaaan….shhhhh….if you guys don’t want these we’ll take ’em!!“….dig dem up an gone…….there are many more like those mentioned above, why do we have to wait for america to tell us how good they are before we truly recognize them?….why can’t our media…all ah wunna…tv, radio, newspaper, journalist, dj give them the same push and hype that they give alotta the bullshit that don’t deserve to be hyped up before them?

what about our soca….we have TRENDSETTERS MAAAN!…watch…..just a few i gonna call…. Gabby; Red Plastic Bag; Spice & Co; Edwin/Krosfyah; Alison & Blood/Square One; Rupee; Natahlee; Mr. Dale; Lil Rick; Biggie Irie & Peter Ram and the list goes onnnnn….we have NUFF more youngsters around that can reach dem heights man….but they havin to take the loooooooooooooong way around….and not thru payin dues…which would be fine…but iz because de road block..wid wha??….we know wha….ask de toilet lady wha.

it don’t tek a brain surgeon to work out that alotta what we hype up and shove down people’s throat can’t mek it past the pelican……lets recognize our stars first nuh…so we can be truly proud and say we discover dem first. All the mechanisms are in place for weeds to flourish most…….

I believe it is time government sets up a serious organization for those who are serious so we can buckle down and produce with the comfort of knowing that there is some support for us to get our music out beyond these shores…so that if the media here wanna hype up the mek sport jokers to sell more papers and the djs too afraid to step out the box a bit for fear of losing their popularity coz they really feel that all the massive want is wuk juck an stab, that we still feel we have other avenues to go thru….if anybody in de high ups reading this gimme a holla coz i have some ideas…and they ain’t rocket science.

One more….with respect to the print media…I am not convinced that alotta those who write atricles on music in the newspaper are qualified to influence public opinion where my profession, and by extension my life, is concerned.

How many of them know about flat or sharp…timing….scales..or even a basic knowledge of music…ok that may be a bit much to ask…but how many of them subscribe to the major music magazines..i.e rolling stone, musician etc….to see how things are really done….judging from alot that I read in our newspapers not many….do we feel comfortable with the possibility of our reputations being tarnished because of a lack of knowledge on their parts? I don’t…never did…i see alotta them as fans and groupies who only know a good performance…musical and physical…if the crowd jumps up and down and screams the house down….lets see the qualifications..the proof…coz music is not a cane fire or a court sentencing…”the fire was raging and it took firemen 6 hours to contain“….or this…magistrate x today sentenced young billy bob to 80 hours community service for damaging a vehicle belonging to billy wayne on July 3rd 2004″….simple shit….basic journalistic skills can get u thru that….I’m afraid music is not so simple…lets treat music like political science (Peter Wickham) or law (the late Mr. Bacchus)…get some people dat know wha goin on….ADONIJAH WE MISS YOU! Peace.

Mikey Hulsmeier.

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