Did Chris Brown’s attack unhinge Rihanna? Since Domestic Abuse she gets gun tattoos, wears pasties and now butchers head – What’s Up?

Is Chris Brown hoping to release a new disk soon? What makes me think so? H’mm…

Here’s what MSNBC thinks of the move by the pugilistic teen…

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My concern is that Rihanna has done some weird things since the abuse, she went and put on violent tattoos on her midriff…

For the USA’s Independence Celebrations she decides to make a clean breast of her past, if she was good girl gone bad, now – then she must be bad girl gone psycho at this stage?

As if all of that was not enough, she has now fallen asleep in tall grass and a lawn mower passes by, here’s the result;-

Does this News-Blog dare say – what next? How do her parents feel? What about the Barbados Government that made her a Youth Ambassador, will this be recalled now?

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  1. was thinking the same thing but not sure you can argue one way or the other.

  2. Perhaps she is troubled.If so I hope she gets help. However her hair looks hot. Every generation has had their fads….bellbottoms ..minis……tatoos…gave the girl a break. Support your own.

  3. Snorting coke in the 80's was also hot – never tried it… Just because she is Bajan does not AUTOMATICALLY entitle her to support from me in all she do…

    I suppose the pasties are okay too in conjunction with her being Youth Ambassador? Maybe she's showing how young and perky her mams are now?

    I wonder how she'll feel showing that same pic 2 her kids if she has in future?? "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DID SO STUPIDLY DECADES AGO, CAWBLEAH!"

  4. LOL…

    If she does rock…she'd kick soo much butt!

  5. Why does it have to be a cry for help? Barbadians always love to think the worst about someone.This is a hairstyle which was very popular in the late 80's and early 90's and if you know fashion Rihanna has been dressing in a similar style. According to her hair stylist the cut was done for her upcoming Italian Vogue magazine photo spread.

  6. Everyone is still ignoring the boob job, that's way over the top – IMHO

  7. I wish Men would get over DESIGNING WOMEN to suit some mawkish (…or Mo-hawish?!?…) Madonna/Whore persona to suit their OWN whims and fancies.

    At CROP OVER…de gyals dem must look "Hotttt!"

    At CHURCH…de (SAME) Ladies must, um. Dress More Conservatively?

    Fuh WHY, I ask in the braaaaadest of bajuhn??????? Who made Bajan Men fashion arbiters for women's TASTE and MORALS – in Barbados or around the world, for that matter?

    When the CHURCH ain't demanding Women should wear some ol' funky Mantilla, or Long Sleeves or a Hat before they can darken (…its already quite dark…) threshold; the SCHOOL PRINCIPALS make a pompous song 'n dance about GIRL'S HEMLINES…while the Boy students make good use of their VERY FREE TIME, and make amateur VIDEOUS OF THEMSELVES GRINNIN' AS THEY SCREW TIED-UP, HELD-DOWN BLACK BELLY SHEEP!

    Why not just take a TIP – that actually makes some kinda sense, from the Bible, and: "TEK DE 20-FOOT BEAM OUTTA YUH OWN EYEBALL, BEFOE YUH RUSH TO GOUGE OUT DE L'IL SPECK O' DUST OUTTA SOMEBODY ELSE'S – USUALLY WOMEN'S EYES!!"


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