Action Galore at Erskine Sandiford Centre: Two Mile Hill “MMAssacre” – Barbados Kickboxing, Pt 2

A few days ago we looked at some of the fists of fury, crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the “MMAssacre” at Two Mile Hill when Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) dominated the popular Sandiford Centre venue late last month.

As promised, we looked at more of the bouts, which we state with this proviso – Bajan Reporter is new to the Martial Arts scene, we did ask some of the organisers to look at our video collection on youtube to make sure they were correct and as far as we know, they were…

But then some proud parents rightly dropped comments to refute these statements, so here’s the LINK – please check the bouts and clarify which is which and I will do my best to clean it up.

I still maintain, nevertheless, that the youngsters appeared to be more vigorous than the adults;-

Here now is a senior bout, and compare this with the juniors just shown;-

When you consider the trouble Il Tempio D’Adama Ristorante, Eastern C’bean Kickboxing Union (ECKBU), along with Vincent Smith, Rollins Alleyne and Ronald Phillips took to arrange belts and trophies – I think the guys need to show more ball of foot in their kicks and target their knuckles more accurately and quickly to show true spirit when competing with such fine hardware at the end of the bout, who knows?

If they spar right and the right person watches, maybe Barbados can have their own Bajan Bruce Lee/ Jean-Claude Van Damme or Billy Blanks??

From what I understand, some of the people train part-time as they have full-time jobs. Perhaps if corporate citizenship was more active then these moonlighting fighters could train more consistently.

It is also becoming apparent why the boys are more vigorous, being students they have more time for training. What I am curious is that there do not seem to be any female contenders? Is that parental judgments or personal dictates? I would love organisers or trainers to speak out…

After all the USA has Laila Ali, among quite a few others…

Last suggestion(s), all of the Ring Girls need to remember to SMILE, ok? Once they fake happiness, they have it made, to please the (mostly male) crowd! Even if the sport is not their cup of sake or cha… Next thing, perhaps Mr Phillips can enlist Doug Hoyte or Andy Seale with commentary so as to free himself for organising the presentation of the trophies between bouts – wonderful photo-op lost as next round ensues, yes, there is only so much time but it still affords another perspective of matches for the public when snapped away!

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