USA President as Super Hero – 44th POTUS Barack Obama dons tights to slam pirates and Taliban

In DC’s Crisis of Infinite Earths, there was an alternative Universe where Superman was not only black but President – this is way before Obama, who’s a known comic book fan.

If you read ex-Grenada visitor Maria’s Pisces In Purple, just on the night before Obama was elected she ran a spoof portraying Barack as a costumed crimefighter… In either Baruba Post or Kool Barbados, Mave O’Darsden points out Obama is first President to take out pirates (off of Somalia)!
That was based on Superman 2, the best of Christopher Reeve‘s series IMHO, and now there’s a new place called Jib-Jab who took “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” and changed it to “Barack Obama,” using the fellow who used to voice Wakko Warner (aka: the Great Wakkarotti, belching the Blue Danube);-

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Now it appears the lyrics favour the GOP but as always, it backfires and makes Obama seem even cooler than ever! His ears are spoofed, his stimulus is being rebuffed yet he still earns the respect of not only USA but the rest of the world! Up, up and away!
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