TRAILER: Rihanna Vs Vogue, Jerome Radigois & C4, TT Trade show PLUS – All-Bajan Comic Book

Sigh, last month was the most entries I have ever placed for a given period – more and more I realise this News-Blog must change it into a larger more permanent entity and soon this will happen! Keep your eyes and ears peeled… Especially advertisers! If you scan the Barbadian blogosphere, then you know I changed my job from one area into another! I have been very busy as a result, since it’s capitalising on my cyber-skills, but I have not forgotten you; O, Best Beloved!

In the first week there is much I plan to examine – how can a so-called Fashion Magazine exclude Rihanna from a shot at their cover when they had a woman who posed nude on another magazine 12 years prior to her allegedly Voguish appearance… Does this mean it’s okay for whites and not for blacks or mixed-race? In addition, Bajan Reporter will be highlighting a group photo show by the Garrison Secondary at a new Harts Gap breakfast & tea stop! Ranging from 12 to 17 in age, the talent is definitely on show, and we have so much details just for you.

Jerome Radigois, the masterful Martiniquan sculptor, did live portraits on the grounds of Lancaster… We get into the music, who’s who was there and how skilled was the shaping of the clay!

Bmex may have come and gone, but did anything significant emerge that may outlast the event? Yes, indeed! Can you say “Comic Book from Barbados“? A young popular editorial cartoonist has decided to invent his own Marvel or DC Universe and what tales he and his pals have spun, Whoo-Pax! (No copyright infringement but bare sport intended)

Trinidad is back having another trade show – we know one of their special surprise guests and we’ll fill you in soon! Also this month? A book review on the Barbadian railway as well as a listen to Manu Sound, huh? Who? Stick with Bajan Reporter and all will be revealed, LOL!

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