New Outlet on Harts Gap allows for early breakfast and late lunch: NOVEL-TEAS

Owned and operated by a fellow Kolij-mate, Raj Thani, Novelteas is a foray into the world of teas & breakfast… At the corner of Harts Gap, diagonally opposite to Coconut Court Apartments.

I like to see young businesses succeed if they’re doing the right thing, I believe Raj is treating his staff well and the customers are just as important. He recently hosted a photo exhibition of Garrison Secondary pupils there as well.

Not only do you find nibbles and juices but an array of unlocked mobiles at fairly reasonable rates, considering they’re “Bling” phones!

I just feel if the place is called NOVELteas (Raj already has tea, so here’s where NOVELS play their part – a simple pun but neat marketing concept), then he should do like what I recall on the West Coast years ago… There was a book store where you could pay $5.00 for a book or $2.00 if you brought four and so forth, I think it’s known as an honour system, some leave out the cash and just say take a book but put in three you no longer want and you can even keep the book!

Novelteas is certainly quiet enough as a Library but the Enya can be a bit boring, some Kenny G or Andreas Vollenweider or Kitaro is okay too… Maybe soft local steel-pan like Banks Soundtech?

I had a bacon & cheese scone, two chicken patties and a glass of raspberry tea with refill with a brownie for dessert, weakness of my life, huh? My bill was only $24.00, the refill was complimentary!

Service may seem slow, but you have to bear in mind, they hand brew each cuppa as ordered so patience is order of the day.

They run from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday, care for a cuppa?

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  1. On the money again Mr. Bourne, love this little place- a spectacular ice-d tea, sans ice, and a chicken puff for $11.00. A sample for my son of a "Berry Smoothie" — we were in Heaven. Keep up the good recommendations I will definitely recommend to others. It's perfect spot for a bit of work, a book club meeting, you name it. Loved it!


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