Phileas Fogg & Passepartout may have globally circumnavigated in 80 days, according to Jules Verne… But I did Bridgetown in 80 minutes and found almost as many interpretations of culture… According to reports from many pals, the opening of Tonya WilesHide and Seek last week was spectacular!

People that weekend crammed Zemicon Gallery on Hincks Street with Blue Champagne Cocktails in hand at the time, actually playing with the art and enjoying the visual interplay contained in the art. They laughed and they socialised. They giggled and they were intrigued.

Then the following Sunday, those folk and yours truly took time to hear the artist herself, Tonya Wiles, as she unravels the mysteries of her compositions for them!

In a detailed Power Point presentation, Tonya told people (as they sat on huge bean cushions) who her influences were – among them Tino Sehgal and Marc Quinn. As for comparisons to Rebecca Horn? She proclaims most definitely not! Tonya says Horn has functional art that has defined purpose like a pencil mask which writes or illustrates or extended chopsticks for collecting birdseed.

Tonya emphasised her art has a function but not an obvious purpose, rather than peep through a hole? Stick your tongue through! Hide And Seek is a leaning post to put your head against as you count while being “It“!

Those who felt the artist was represented in the trailers I had for her show are mistaken, in fact that’s one of Tonya’s UK buddies – Birgitte.

Everyone was equally fascinated by Island Gurlz Chocolates from her cousin Tamyko Ellis, who treated the audience to exquisite chocolate creations. Such as the Aztec molded motif which held a touch of the Scotch Bonnet Pepper in its caramel syrup or the candied barrel with Bajan rum. Another favourite was the teardrop shaped nougats with Caribbean fruit flavours.

Tamyko is a Canadian trained and qualified chocolatier who actually wants to pursue a Master’s in the art and earn the degree from either Belgium or Germany!

Over the other side of the City near Harrison College, the Queen’s Park via the National Conservation Commission celebrated 100 years as the Q.P. Gallery had a show which examined some of the art shows held there since 1984 to now, instead of looking at art from the whole century.

From the 50’s nevertheless there were pieces from Karl Broodhagen such as the classic Nina study placed next to a portrait from Wayne Branch which seems influenced by the senior Broodhagen.

Omowale Stewart, minus dePAM, had a canvas obviously celebrating and playing with Polished Hoe from Tom Clarke.

Alison Chapman-Andrews’ Birthday Of Plants was there, along with her ex… Stanley Greaves’ “Sungrass” was a canvas hung on wooden struts as well as “Conversation #3

Denise Menard-Greenidge’s Structure No. 1 mystified many patrons. It was Neville Legall who had the most recent painting, but it’s all there for you at QPG right now – can you do the City in 80 minutes?

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  1. wonderful.
    you are an amazing supporter of the arts.


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