SUCRE, BOLIVIA – LAST BASTION OF THE CONQUISTADORES: #4 in a series from Amerindian Activist Damon Corrie

I had intended to write about my roommate Esteban Urquizu Cuellar of Bolivia tonight, some kind of insightful look into his soul, but Esteban speaks very little English, and my Spanish is quite rusty.

I know he came here to the United Nations Permanent Forum thanks to Tribal Link as I have, but not too much else about the man, nevertheless I heard him talk at length (albeit in Spanish) about the plight of Indigenous Bolivians in Sucre Province, the only part of Bolivia that cringed at the thought of an ‘Indian’ becoming the President when Evo Morales Ayma won office.

In the west – the media (mostly American) leads viewers – especially those who have never traveled to Bolivia – to believe that what is going on in Sucre Province is nothing more than a ‘Socialist Coca promoting President trying to usurp the rights of the decent hardworking Spaniard descendant business community there‘.

For clarity I will refer to the Oligarchy and Plantocracy in Bolivia as being ‘Ethnic Spaniards‘, let’s call a spade a spade, they maintain homes and bank accounts back in the ‘old country‘ (i.e. Spain) and are quite proud of their Conquistador ancestors, lastly they still look every bit the Spaniard biologically speaking, and as I am fond of saying “If I take an Indian Elephant to England and it gives birth – does the offspring then become an English Elephant?

The answer is no – it does not, it becomes merely an Indian Elephant that was born in England. A word to the wise is good enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, no better a deception could have been engineered by the CIA themselves!

I have been to Bolivia twice, I have traveled around the country, and I was the ONLY person from the Caribbean region invited to be in the audience at the Presidential Palace when President Morales Nationalized the Natural Gas Companies in Bolivia in 2007; in any fair-minded person’s opinion it was quite justified, it is obscene for a company to extract the natural resources of a poor country and pay the host nation mere cents on every dollar they earn in the process.

Concerning Coca, I chewed Coca leaves and trust me – there is nothing more ‘sinister‘ gained from it than the abation of hunger pangs, it saved me some money as I did not need to eat as often, also I was one of the few members of the OAS Indigenous Caucus invited to Bolivia who did NOT suffer altitude sickness during my stay over 9,000 feet above sea level there….I attribute this to the Coca leaves I chewed daily.

Coca leaves are NOT the same thing as ‘Cocaine‘, only in the mind of an idiot is this the case, Coca leaves are merely an ingredient like many other harmless ingredients that can be artificially combined with others to make deadly substances; or popular drinks – did you know several tons of Coca leaves are exported from Bolivia to make Coca-Cola each year?

I thought not. Can’t be bringing disrepute to an American tradition now can we, save the smear campaign for those whom we can’t get to join our ‘New World Order puppet show‘ (Like Evo Morales).

I don’t recall any Western Media reporting on the fact that the proud Spaniard descendant governor of Sucre owns 90% of the land in his province?

Then again, that might remind people of the inherited unjust privileges of the Conquistador’s progeny who still leech out a living from the backs of indigenous Bolivians on the lands their Spaniard descendants stole in the first place 5 centuries ago! I fear too that if the fact that ALL privately owned TV stations in Bolivia are owned by ethnic Spaniards became a publicly know fact in the West …one might realize that perhaps that is why all the news reports emanating from those same stations give a decidedly distorted view of the reality on the ground – portraying the ‘savage natives‘ against the ‘innocent ruling class‘…now where have I heard that script before?

In summation, I daresay the 60 minutes of video footage in my possession which very vividly shows the true nature of the rabidly racist ethnic Spaniards in Sucre Province Bolivia, scene after scene of Indigenous men, women and children – this includes the very old and very young – being spat upon, racially insulted (‘Dirty Indian Dogand the like), kicked, whipped, beaten with planks of wood, punched, slapped in the face etc, while the flag of the red Cross of good old Spain flies nobly overhead as the rainbow flag of the Indigenous Andeans is publicly burned to wild chants of “Kill Evo!“, “Stinking Indians!” etc are chanted by those whom I think bear out my justifications for referring to them as Ethnic Spaniards -for they most certainly are NOT genuine Bolivians.

The saddest aspect of the footage I just watched was that it was not only male ethnic Spaniards doing these heinous acts to battered and bloody Indigenous civilians, their wives and children were right there alongside them partaking with gusto, verily I last saw such racist hatred in the eyes of European descendant mobs in American Civil Rights era footage my old headmaster showed us at Secondary School history class in Barbados when I was but a lad myself.

I can assure you of this much, had it been little white faces bloodied and sobbing kicked around like rag-dolls in the streets of Sucre Bolivia – instead of the brown and red Indigenous children’s faces I just saw – the Western World would be OUTRAGED and the coverage and media attention would blanket the airwaves!

Damon Gerard Corrie
President of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations
Attending the Eighth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, New York City, 18-29 May 2009

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