INDIA’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET(S) – ANNEXING MANIPUR & THE ANDAMAN ISLANDS: #5 in a series from Indigenous Activist Damon Gerard Corrie

During a recent morning session at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Asian Caucus exposed the atrocities committed by the Indo-Aryan government of the state of India – against the Mongolian peoples whose lands in the North-East of that country it illegally occupies, by means of it’s brutal military apparatus.

For a country set upon the road to Independence by the great pacifist Mahatma Ghandi – the State of India has seemingly gone to great lengths to bring dishonor on his memory and nullify his noble life’s work by bullying weak opponents into submission like a schoolyard tout.

India with 10 times the population of Pakistan has fought 3 wars with this Muslim neighbour and only achieved 3 stalemates, China invaded India decades ago and annexed 5% of the country with Indian forces powerless to do anything about it, and as one famous retired Indian General turned author once wrote “India has never won a real war” … perhaps this frustration at having ‘one of the largest militia in Asia‘ yet STILL being considered a feeble adversary by other regional powers has somehow compelled the Indians, like juvenile delinquents, to take out their frustrations on opponents thousands of times weaker than themselves … this might be the only way they deem that they can win an outright victory.

I wonder if any of my Indo-Aryan friends or in-laws know what their government has been up to, and isn’t it ironic that India tirelessly promotes a shockingly dishonest public image of itself throughout the world as “The greatest bastion of Democracy in Asia,” and many in the western world have allowed themselves to be deceived; more disturbingly – some states know the truth yet go along with the charade so that their ‘begging bowl‘ can be filled with Indian diplomatic relations, trade, grants, loans, and offers of ‘technical assistance and co-operation‘.

The State of India does not like the world to know that since 1826 Manipur WAS a sovereign state recognized by Great Britain and Burma in the ‘Treaty of Yandaboo‘, and again in 1947 (3 years BEFORE India had it’s own Constitution!) the Manipur Constitutional Act was passed into law – this was the FIRST Constitution of an Independent country in all of south Asia, in the Manipur Constitution the Manipuri King was a Constitutional Monarch and the Constituent Assembly Parliament was the government; only joint decisions by the King and Constituent Assembly were legally valid.

In 1949 on October 15th – Indian armed forces invaded Manipur, they forced the Manipuri King alone at gunpoint to sign a ‘Manipur Merger Agreement‘ with India (at a time when India itself did not even have a constitution of it’s own!) – and this legally worthless (NEVER co-signed as is legally required by the constituent Assembly of Manipur) piece of paper is to this day what the state of India uses to justify the past 60 years of it’s immoral and tyrannical reign over Manipur – which they deem as merely ‘a troubled region of India‘.

Legal experts from the World Court in the Hague all concur that the de-facto Indian annexation of Manipur was an international war crime, and further assert that the Indian constitution of 1950 CANNOT supersede the pre-existing Manipur constitution of 1947.

But the Manipuris have never stopped resisting the Indian war machine, and the brave freedom fighters of the People’s Liberation Army, the Manipur People’s Army and several others – continue to put up a spirited defence of their Manipur motherland against the Indian foreign invaders.

The Indian security Forces have recently acquired un-manned aerial reconnaissance vehicles from the State of Israel, and these are being used in conjunction with the so-called ‘Peaceful Indian Satellite Program‘ – to spy on Manipur 24 hours a day in all weather conditions; and rendering detailed photographs with a resolution of up to one metre above ground level – even through cloud cover! Manipur still has extensive forested mountains and valleys however, and these are still safe areas for the guerrillas.

There was a time up to very recently, when Manipuris were not permitted to have mobile phones, but this official policy was ended when the Indian Security Forces realized that they could use their officially peaceful space program to intercept and track the freedom fighters mobile phone signals and assassinate them as the opportunity presented itself.

It is no wonder then that mobile phones are quite legal now – and are actively encouraged with a very exceptional network of cell towers blanketing much of Manipur … graciously provided by the magnanimous State of India.

The United Nations special rapporteur on Human Rights visited India with the objective of going to Manipur to investigate persistent reports of human rights abuses, but he was not allowed to enter Manipur – the excuse told him by the Government of India was that his ‘safety could not be guaranteed‘.

Concerned readers should note that on the other side of the over-extended state of India, just off the South West Coast of the sub-continent – are the Andaman Islands. These islands are the ancient lands and territories of the indigenous black people still clinging to survival there, and the Andaman islanders ALSO view the same Indo-Aryan dominant ethnic group from India as being the foreigners who invaded and colonized THEIR traditional lands and who are responsible for the destruction of their cultures; and to the gradual extinction of them as distinct indigenous peoples.

I was sickened to watch (outside of the UN) smuggled footage of clearly uniformed Indo-Aryan Indian Security Forces in Manipur and Nagaland committing atrocities on unarmed indigenous Mongol civilian men, women and children.

So let the truth be known, the State of India is just another deceptive Neo-colonial aggressor – and a deadly infectious plague in the lives of South Asia’s indigenous Peoples, like so many other ignoble regimes in the world.

Like many others, including in my home region of the Caribbean and Latin America, it is a state who’s dominant ethnic group embarked on the road to their own liberation as freedom fighters themselves against European Colonial oppressors – only to put on their departed former masters attire and worldview, and in turn re-colonized indigenous peoples within their own inherited artificial political boundaries.

I leave you with my own humble words or warning: “NO ethnic group has a legal or moral right to leave their own indigenous lands and territories and colonize the lands and territories of ANY other indigenous ethnic group … and once this great injustice has been committed and unrepentantly maintained on your fellow man – you have sown the seeds of your own future destruction … for so end all tyrants.”

Damon Gerard Corrie
President of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations
Attending the Eighth session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues,
New York City, 18 – 29 May 2009.

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  1. airbourne,

    interesting post. damon corrie is right.

    p.s. the picture is of prachanda, the leader of the nepalese communist party, and his comrades.

  2. Damon has just exposed what Manipuris have been shouting all along…thanks from a Manipuri,

  3. Please visit
    to know how much the situation has deteriorated in Manipur

  4. bitter truth with perfection. Must read for everyone living in Manipur.

  5. Manipur and Andaman are not the only Indigenous People suffering from Indian Colonial Rule from New Delhi but Goa and Sikkim too, Goa was annexed by India in 1961 and Sikkim in 1975 today you travel to these places the Indigenous Population have Reduce to Minorities. Down with India Colonialism


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