Gun attack in Rockley – Important Security Notice to ALL Barbadian Residents

This was shock to me this morning when I found the following waiting calmly in the Inbox, it came from one of my regular contributors in another area altogether, so this was very unusual! I am even curious why this did not make the mainstream news, ah well – here goes…

The purpose of this letter is to: Inform as many people as possible about a gun-point assault which just took place last night (May 28th 2009) in Rockley…

Raise awareness about security precautions to take for you and your family! Last night, after dinner, my two female friends were walking down a well-lit street between two apartment complexes in Rockley. They heard footsteps of someone following them closer and closer. They turned to find a guy pointing a gun at them.

Although last night?s events were horrible and frightening, they feel it is their duty to share it so people can be more vigilant; especially in this difficult economy where crime rate seems to be on the rise. Here are the details:

Description of the attacker: young man (probably under the age of 30), about 5 ft 6 in, slender, dark in complexion. At the time of the attack, he was wearing a gold motorcycle helmet with silver writing on the side that was underlined. A red bandanna was hiding the lower part of his face. He was holding a small shiney silver hand gun (rectangular shape). He had a small Honda motorbike parked across the street.

Description of the attack: He came walking behind them. After hearing his footsteps, female 1 turned towards him and asked if he needed help with anything. That surprised him for a second but he continued to walk towards them. That is when she saw he was pointing a gun at her. Being closer to Female 1, he pointed the weapon at her stomach. He was probably expecting Female 2 to leave and both of them to remain silent. However, Female 2 remained close and they started screaming increasingly loud asking for help and telling him to stop.

Screaming was the only means of self defense they had to attract attention and persuade him to leave. It clearly destabilized the attacker and he demanded money. As they were not carrying handbags they shouted something along the lines of: ?We have no money, we have nothing, the police and the neighbors are coming, go away!?

Right after that, he started running away towards his motorbike, turning back a few times, pointing his gun. Just be aware that even though you are in a ?safe? neighborhood, things like that are known to happen more and more even when you are not alone and it is not necessarily late at night.

To give a meaning to this difficult experience and to help out others, my friends and I would like to ask you to pass this on to as many people as possible. Be vigilant, happy and safe. Life is precious and can change in an instant!

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  1. I also found this in my in-box while overseas on holiday. . . very disturbing since my home is in the Rockley area. Has anyone confirmed the story and has there been any follow-up?
    Thanks for posting.


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