Cinematic Longshot [S P O I L E R S] – Slice & Dice: Logan and Gambit, the whole Tooth, uh, Truth

Cramming over 100 years (1845 to 1960) in 20 minutes cheated fanboys and -girls into an otherwise potentially rewarding tale from possibly the most successful anti-hero from Marvel Comics, whose debut was in Incredible Hulk #181.

Who was Sabretooth & Logan’s father? Why did Sabretooth change from Thor with fangs in 1st X-Men of 2001 to a crewcutted Wolverine in 2009? Logan’s loose ends were tied up better but not much… The whole premise of the picture could have been stretched to 3 films easily and made at the same time like “Pirates Of The C’bean” to simplify and lessen drag of expectations.

If this was done more quickly, I doubt so many would have been disappointed. The first picture could expand more on who their father was (He obviously did not have the same healing factoras the sons, did it come from Mom? It’s obvious now who the character played by Liev Schreiber took after in resemblance…) and why there was a conflict with what turned out to be Logan’s step-father, plus: what made Wolverine sick as a child and then sprout bone claws in stress?

A next picture could delve into their soldiering for the US Civil War, both WW 1 and 2, then Vietnam which led to the brothers joining up with Deadpool, Wraith and Blob, even moreso – that expansion could be a teaser for the last 30 minutes of current flick. The final half hour was a movie in its own right. Zero (Gun kata) and Deadpool (Swordfighting, but deflecting bullets was original – especially when Ryan Reynolds chopped a slug in two and the end result!) borrowed different aspects of Equilibrium and were translated as two separate mutants, tasty but I think a stick of chewing gum would be more filling?

It’s like – “We know you’re waiting, but since we have a deadline, this is what you’ll get.” Especially since you saw younger versions of future X-Men whose cameos were almost by-the-way instead of paving-the-way…

This is not the first time Liev Schreiber has done a film with Hugh Jackman – that was a romantic comedy in 2001 (Shortly before 9/11), which shows great versatility on both their parts. Liev also played a kind of villain before, but then he was merely a pawn, here the character thrives on being nasty and allowing the animal to rise up. Nevertheless, the movie lacked Julienning for my part, but I guess they were avoiding an “R” rating, Gambit is cool but too brief to really create a desire for more… Zero was far more intriguing as was Deadpool and Wraith. But then they had longer exposure?

If you’re an action junkie this can be considered as a Happy Meal, but don’t expect it to be filling as even a TV Dinner and that’s the tooth, uh, truth!

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  1. I dont know man. I didnt feel this was that rushed. The 100 year background thing was just what it needed to be. I dont think that needed seperate movies.
    Would have been nicer if they stuck closer to the comics though


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