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Barbadian Actor gets role in US Fast Food Commercial

Barbadian Actor gets role in US Fast Food Commercial

Olenna Poster

He played Grantley Adams, his character was played by Oleanna in the drama of the same name, folks here know him best as a spoken word poet

In the US of A? Sean Field‘s a bona fide Grill Sergeant for the KFC – doubt me? Here’s the video, LOL! Ten-hut! Salute & represent!

For those of you who remember his powerful words and cadences here’s a special video interpretation…

Sean has a page on youtube, apart from his own full website, so hit ‘im up and subscribe so directors notice, big up his comments and sing his praises – how cool would it be to have a Bajan Denzel in Hollywood?


2 responses to “Barbadian Actor gets role in US Fast Food Commercial”

  1. Sandra Sealy Avatar
    Sandra Sealy

    Very cool! Fantastic 4 Sean. Bajans REALLY doin’ tings, nuh?

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Good for him, glad he is achieving his dream!

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