U2’s Front Man in Barbados – Still hasn’t found what he’s looking for?

It seems Irish are just as groin-groping as black Bajans, then again centuries ago in New York the Irish were considered the same stock as those recently emancipated (If you watched Scorsese‘s uberviolent Gangs Of New York it explained what led to Italians, Afro-Americans & Emerald Islanders forming a union true of Democrats today)…

What does this have to with U2’s Bono? Take a look, then read what Metro had to say…

U2’s Bono has been snapped on the beach searching for elevation as he scratches around for his sweetest thing.

Wondering who was going to ride his wild horses Bono seemed a bit distracted while playing in the surf with his One, wife of 26 years, Ali.

Having fun in Barbados, Bono was relaxing before heading off a world tour with his family…

The Brit online daily then got snarky about Bono’s weight hoping the same world tour would slim him down. Yet I am surprised for all of the band’s song references they left out one of the most obvious – STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR …. ??

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