Nose for Rihanna News – Bajan Singer scent far from abuser, visits leukaemia patient – why not here?

Jay-Z has been doing his darnedest making sure Barbados’ No 1 export – Rihanna – stays away from punch-drunk Chris Brown, it seems apart from Cover Girl, Jay-Z wants Ri-Ri to get a nose for profits, according to Real Health Club;-

The 21-year-old singer will launch her first perfume it has signed a contract with Parlux Fragrances. This company is owned by the rapper Jay-Z, who happens to be her mentor and husband of singer Beyonc?.

The company Parlux Fragrances specializes in perfumes stars. [This fresh topnote competes] among creators of Paris Hilton fragrances, the tennis player Andy Roddick and Jessica Simpson.

Meanwhile, a hip-hop group has a tune directly referring to the Grammy tragedy which shocked the world, Life To The Fullest says all royalties are to be distributed to battered-women centres;-

According to the Smoke Jumpers? Web site, ?A portion of the proceeds [from the song] will benefit various organizations for battered women.? No further details were available about which charity the funds would be going to.

?I was really upset with the way a lot of celebrities and people were handling the situation. Not enough people were speaking out against Chris Brown,? one of the group?s members, C.W. Griz, told the AP about the R&B singer, who is scheduled to be arraigned Monday. ?What he [allegedly] did was a thousand percent wrong. We?re not trying to take advantage of a horrible situation. We want to take a positive stance.?

At press time, MTV News had not received comment from Brown?s rep about the song.

Brown is free on $50,000 bail after turning himself in on the night of the Grammy Awards. If convicted, he could face a sentence ranging from probation to nearly five years in state prison.

My Flow So Tight, a Smoke Jumpers song, that criticizes Chris Brown for his alleged altercation with girlfriend Rihanna, is gaining popularity.

Radio stations in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other major cities have begun playing the song, according to an Associated Press report. ?My flow so tight and the beat so sick, Chris Brown should get his a? kicked? is one of the song?s lyrics.

There are also reports from down under that Chris Brown is trying to drown his sorrows?

Singer Chris Brown, who recently pleaded not guilty to charges of assaulting girlfriend Rhianna, has apparently turned to the bottle.

A source close to Brown saidChris is a mess. He lost a lot of weight, about 15 lbs. I do know that Chris is also in a depression and is drinking a lot. He almost got his butt kicked about a week ago.”

Almost? Why almost? What a damn pity! Nevertheless, Ri-Ri was here recently for her grandparents’ 50th Anniversary (Hope she learns from that union and not the one she escaped), then spent time with a sick child overseas – quick question… Doesn’t Barbados have any sick kids too?

Jasmina Anema, 6, is one of Rihanna’s biggest fans. So when her musical idol walked into her hospital room at NYU Medical Center April 2 to visit her, as People magazine reports, the leukemia patient could hardly believe her eyes.

She’s really here!Jasmina exclaimed when Rihanna came in and hugged her. You are such a beautiful little girl, the singer told the ailing child.

High doses of chemotherapy often leave Jasmina tired, while a bone marrow donor registry works around the clock to try and find her a suitable match.

But when Rihanna walked in the room, there was no sign of that at all,” said her doctor.Jasmina loves Rihanna. And Rihanna fell in love with Jasmina.

Indeed, the two girls became fast friends, spending more than three hours talking, playing and even indulging in a slumber party-like pillow fight.

Rihanna first learned about Jasmina’s plight in early February, when she saw the moving video Jasmina’s best friend, Isabelle Huurman, and her mother, Karen Detrick, made appealing for bone marrow donors to save Jasmina.

That’s Hollywood Gossip, here’s the Insider’s take;-

The visit was supposed to last for about an hour. But Rihanna stayed until 8 o’clock that night,” says {Katharina Harf, executive vice president of DKMS Americas, the bone marrow donor registry that is helping Jasmina and others find a match}She would have stayed longer if Jasmina didn’t have to go to sleep.”

The visit was a total pinch-me moment for Jasmina, who at one point pointed to the picture of Rihanna on her CD cover, and with big eyes, whispered, “?Look! It’s her! Really her!!‘” says Harf. Jasmina, who is a “total girly girl,according to her mother, Thea Anema, was thrilled when Rihanna presented her with a big bag of Cover Girl makeup. “Rihanna asked me if it was okay to put makeup on Jasmina,says Anema. I said, ‘Of course!’ She’s so thrilled with makeup and anything girly.”

Rihanna painted the little girl’s nails and gently brushed “Dance Party” eyeshadow on her tiny eyelids. They played catch together with Jasmina’s stuffed dog, Jackie, which ended with a torrent of giggles and hugs. “Rihanna kept on saying, ‘I love her personality! She is such a little diva!'” says Harf. When Rihanna learned that Jasmina speaks Dutch and also understands Mandarin, the superstar said she was amazed at howintelligentandwhat an amazing little girlshe is.

This is a very sweet and tender moment, but for my view, just as much emotional magic could have been woven right here in Barbados at either Thelma Vaughn or the Challenor School or even the pediatric ward of the QEH as Rene Holder did during Xmas 2008!

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