Globe Cinema shows Marvel Comics movie ahead of World Debut – What contract claws let them show Wolverine before 1 May??

Can you recall when a video chain outlet in Barbados had “Rambo: First Blood – Part 3” about six weeks or so before the Globe cinema & drive-in here got it, and there was such a hue and cry that it made the Brass Tacks radio talk show on VOB?

The uproar nearly destroyed the video outlet – comparisons were made with the business that were akin more to the original Blackbeard than say, Jack Sparrow

That was 21 years ago, wow – didn’t seem so far off, but what can you say now the Globe has pulled a coup similar to those it objected against decades ago?

How is it possible for them to show the Marvel Comics film adaptation of Wolverine ahead of the planetary debut scheduled for May 1st? I’m only asking a question?and casting no stones, ok? Don’t take my word for it, see yesterday’s papers and also today’s and judge for yourself by calling the?Olympus?at Sheraton – who won’t be showing this movie until?Friday…

(Me, I love the multiple ironies – here’s Logan/Wolverine, a short Canadian played by a tall Aussie)
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  1. I saw the advertisement in the paper, but guess I hadn’t been paying attention to the TV adverts from the US about the release date.. That is very interesting.. guess they got it and decided to show it a couple of days early.. This is Barbados after all.. copyright means very little here..(even though people try to make it mean something)

  2. or were they showing the bootleg version?

  3. I’ve some friends in the US who asked me if I was going to see it on May 1st, I told them it was opening here on the 29th, they didn’t believe me. 😐

    I dont wonder how they do it, as they MUST have the reels in advance somehow, but why the nonconformity? jump on the competition maybe? I think by and large copyright infringement on movies is ignored in these parts. Guyana for sure is bootleg movie CENTRAL!

    They dont just have guys hustling on the street, you can go into a store and browse bootlegged copies of movies as you would in a legit video store, all catalogued by genre, from XXX – Cartoons – Documentaries. I have photos to prove it too!

  4. It opened in the UK officially on Wednesday; it’s probably just a distributor’s quirk.

    That said, remember when “Brenda Starr” was shown in Barbados in 1989 and the movie opened in the US in 1992? (Although in that case the movie had been filmed in 1986 and was appalling.)


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