Appearing in the Advocate recently is the below article (a link is also provided in the event the .jpg picture is hard to read).

I think this now gives us the opportunity to go directly to The Commissioner of Police and offer a reward for the CAPTURE AND PROSECUTION of the person committing the crime. I am not a lawyer nor policeman and the police have not visited the crime scene nor seen the dead dog. I do not know the legal ramifications of this.

However I have commitments for about $3,000.00 – I would like to raise this to $5000.00 and need additional commitments. As soon as I have reached this total I will call the Commissioner of Police.

I would appreciate it if you would forward this to every one in your address book and have them reply to me, C. Brian Barnes at ‘

[The Orig. Author] refrained from attaching a copy of the picture which appeared in the Nation but [one aspect in] graphic detail [of] this despicable act of animal cruelty [has been included for readers to understand the danger of allowing such a monster to remain among us].


Brian Barnes
Tuesday 2nd April 2009

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