Artists, Activists, Photographers – Part of the Cyber-ride that’s the Barbadian Matrix

Leslie St John I have known from Harrison College days, and even his brief foray into WIRL (
West Indies Records LimitedWhen Barbados forayed into vinyl LP’s, still remember the multi-Bajan compilation “Reflections” as a double-album which should be on CD), now he’s changed his insight into business for an SLR and set his sights on snapping slices of life we miss…

There is more than one way for you to savour Leslie’s snaps – his own website or his photo-blog, click where you see highlights and you’ll find representations of his work immediately!

If you want more works of Art, there’s Annalee Davis, who seems unsure if to be entrepreneur or an activist – in the thin-skinned Caribbean, usually one has to decide which to be and run with it… She still appears to be straddling both at the moment.

Apart from her studio-sales, she also displays her highly expressionistic art via the Internet and she also forays into Caribbean matters – there was an all too brief look at the Summit of The Americas which is now a broken link, but her Creole Chant remains active.

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