New York Post backs down from ugly cartoon on Barack Obama, now branch of popular US bookstore perpetuates ugly racial stereotypes

I hope none of my readers supports the New York Post after their disgusting cartoon the other day, I used it too, but not in reference to USA President Barack Obama – I suggested the cartoon’s outcome should be visited on Chris Brown, since it seems that Rihanna has attempted to reconcile with the creep – with his arraignment due today so that is no surprise…

There are claims he has offered marriage and children to her apart from jewellery and flowers, wonder why? Anything to avoid dropping the soap at Ryker’s Island, Alcatraz or wherever…

Well, since then the Post has backed down on the Obama insult, but they have lost massive amounts of respect and credibility and possibly sales. Yet as they submit to Vox Populi, a member of a different type of publishing entity decides to engage in more racial nastiness, here’s what I learned from an e-mail yesterday;-

OMG, when you see the picture you can see the person?s reflection in the glass as they are taking this picture?.who could make up something like this? It must be true? disgusting!

This is so sad, still stuck in time. Will it ever stop?

Barnes and Noble had this as their store front display in Coral Gables FL in the Miracle Mile Mall. I am totally disgusted and I think it is important that we all find a different place to buy our books.

Obviously this is a place of extreme ignorance. How far have we really come?

Let us not be lulled into a sense of complacency, due to the recent political success of President Obama.

Racism still exists in this country. Like all things, nothing is perfect on this planet, in this world.

We have an obligation to be active on issues that simply cannot be ignored.

Along these lines we should all actively spread the word of how Barnes and Noble apparently feels about black people or at least our President.

Please forward this to as many people you think should be aware of this and would be offended by this.

Boycotting Barnes and Noble will show the economic effect of people who will not tolerate racism.

I also am asking all readers who shop online not to use Barnes & Noble and in fact, send them an e-mail (Wherever the book-chain is mentioned in this item, it’s a link to their Customer Service contact) and vehemently object to this dis-service!

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