Mikey Dread

Mikey Dread; The Man & his Music – Remembered: June 4, 1954 to March 15, 2008

Mikey Dread; The Man & his Music – Remembered: June 4, 1954 to March 15, 2008

Mikey Dread
For life everlasting I will always consider Mikey as – My Boss, My Brother, My Friend, and My Teacher – Mikey accomplished so much in the Entertainment Arena; his shoes would be very hard to fill. I would hope that all the training and directions he afforded me over the years. I could give back to him the success he so deserved. By being the best I can be in following his directions in Reggae.

With that said: myself “Queen Mushiya” of Reggae Solutions Radio (Dallas) and Carmelita Harris of “Irie Vision Worldbeat TV” (San Francisco). Tune our love and respect to our Mentor Mikey Dread -The memory.

Our Pledge to the fans is to keep his memory alive and work hard to continue the work he poured his all into to the end; his undeniable dedication to Reggae.

Mikey continues to be The Dread who remains in control. Through, Radio, T.V and Print. It’s amazing that one man – who was a Superb International performer on a Global scale. A producer, A radio personality and television host etc. Took the time to develop myself in radio and print and Carmelita in TV. It was our honor when Mikey referred to us as his “Angels“. We are and will continue to give honor to the man who meant so much to us.

Mikey Dread – THE one and only, true DREAD AT THE CONTROLS

– Our Love stands, through Eternity!!!!

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