Martin Superville exhibition in Holetown – Sensual Pre-Raphaelite Ladies in Modern Trini garb

Martin Superville’s works are still on display at the Holetown branch of the On The Wall Gallery, he is a Sagittarian who hails from Tobago, and has an askew view as to what can be deemed assertive in a female from TT;-

Self-taught, Martin Superville began painting professionally in 1988. His medium of choice is oils, but he is well versed in charcoal, pencil, ink, watercolours and airbrushing. Martin’s paintings include a wide variety of commissioned Portraits, Cricket scenes, Sensational Steelband and Aggressive Trinbago women. Martin Superville has had exhibitions in Washington and Anguilla.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know Trini gals can be real viragos when them good and ready – the phrase wabeen springs to mind but the sensuous forms that Martin conveys denotes an appreciation of women more in the range of Boscoe Holder rather than a Bahia Gyal!

His love for pan-men is very real – just look at “Engine Room” and you can almost hear the ting-tong and ping-pang of each metal object beaten, what versatility when compared to his female studies! His dancers are also enchanting in their posture, almost like if he IS the camera as a brush!

The women he portrays seem more at home in what some would consider as Pre-Raphaelite styled figures, yet they remain truly Caribbean females at all times. Skip the cricket and drift west – you will be pleasantly surprised, do it while there’s still time.

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  1. Looks like a great series, wish I were back in Bim to see this one!


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