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MAGNUM KINGS AND QUEENS: THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE ‘A this the music need: every week a some good tune a belt out ….’

MAGNUM KINGS AND QUEENS: THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE ‘A this the music need: every week a some good tune a belt out ….’

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Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has captivated the hearts and minds of the Jamaican masses and every week at Weekenz is another great show.

The empress a touch the stage now“, remarked a man clad in a pair of jeans and hair representing the Rastafari faith tucked away in a tam. He spoke just before the Portmore Princess Jody Miller took the stage on February 28.

While supporters echoed ‘forwards‘ at the first live show, armed with a flag, the Rastafarian remained faithful in cheering on Miller during her performance.

After Miller exited the stage, he declared: Really, is a good thing the people doing for the youth of this country, because it allow them to show their talent and who they are; like Jody, a empress with positive and real lyrics about what happening … a good work them (Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall) a do.”

Last Saturday, Latisha, a female patron at the show, also commented on the first live show and the competition in general. “It’s a good way of exposing talent and allowing persons to shape their talent“. She continued: Different persons have different talents and I think all the contestants were good and I feel that as they go along in the competition, they will develop their skills more. The persons in charge of the show must be congratulated for bringing artistes in the business like Bugle to be judges last week.”

At the second live show on March 7, a male patron commented before Sexy K finished her performance, “she not going to get a good comment from (judge) Ms Kitty.” Shaking his head, he continued: “Look at Ms Kitty shaking her head and a listen to her; she got vibes, her lyrics put together but she not interacting with the crowd.”

So said the patron and so said Ms Kitty. As Sexy K made her exit from the stage, another male patron closer to the stage shouted, “she sexy but she not doing the work, she a come off.”

On Saturday night, Ms Kitty gave RC a commendation: “…that was a very enlightening performance; the opening was good, your thing was well sorted out… I can use it on ma show right after I play Nesbeth’s Board House.”

In a group of five patrons, one male patron said, “Is a good thing happen for that youth, Ms Kitty want to use him song.”

It is clear; Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall is, for the second year, a hit, and the patrons agree. As host, Empress exited the stage after her final monologue, one patron shouted: “A this the music need: every week a some good tune a Belt out. Dem coulda charge mi money an mi wouldn’t complain; a good show dis.”

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