Hot Rod – Now & Forever: Definitely! Audio/Video Anthology scratches at tip of iceberg of coolness…

Hot Rod – Now & Forever: Definitely! Audio/Video Anthology scratches at tip of iceberg of coolness…

Sailing from Rod Stewart reminded me of when my mum was in the USA temporarily while I was learning to adjust to school in the tropics when Barbados seemed roasting hot to me; Young Turks makes me think of when I started going to places like Best Little Warehouse in Barbados on Cavans Lane (later became the former Limelight Cafe) or going to Rachel’s on Bay Street (This started as The Carlisle and ended up as Harbour Lights); Rythm Of My Heart came out when I started changing from a few hot dates and one-night stands into serious relationships…

So Rod Stewart has chronicled some of my travails, good or bad, without realising it… Special Ops Media finally sent me the anthology, “ROD STEWART – THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION” to review and here’s how I feel in a nutshell – 3 CD’s & 2 DVD’s may have been better, but not necessarily budget-prudent these days.

It just left you thirsty for more of the Scots/UK-raspiness regaling bold endeavours like 1975’s “Killing of Georgie” on a balanced view towards gays and the resulting homophobia (with a chorus a la Lou Reed’sWalk On The Wild Side“) – this was one of nine situations where audio-track and video were both included in the set. The compilation has two disks and one DVD, the cd’s with 31 tunes!

I am telling you get a lot of value but you have the time-honoured tendency to ask of the lack thereof… What happened to these videos:-

  • Love Touch laced with Caribbean steel pans, from “Legal Eagles” with Robert Redford & Debra Winger
  • Forever Young and the carrot-tousled youngster
  • Theme from “Enterprise” with Scott Bakula
  • Rythm of My Heart, set in WW2
  • All For Love with Sting & Bryan Adams out of Disney’s version of 3 Musketeers with Tim Curry, Charlie Sheen, Keifer Sutherland, Chris O’Donnell & Oliver Platt

Anyways, Rod was swinging the mike and having wild tresses way before either Aerosmith or Freddie Mercury’s “Night At The Opera“! He brandished androgyny with a swagger while Duran Duran and Twisted Sister were struggling to potty train!

Even as he approached the New Millennium, he reprised his gay-theme albeit subtly in the video of “If We Fall In Love Tonight” where as a photographer he invited couples to be captured on daguerreotype… There were quite a few ladies with women and guys escorting dudes waiting to be snapped!

I can go on about what I felt should have been added, but who needs a whiny Bajan kvetching for goodness’ sake? It’s the same for the audio-cuts (EG: Why no Songbook tracks where he assays Sinatra, Gershwin, NK Cole et al?)… I have digressed mightily but as is – this time-capsule encapsulates generations of hot Rod upping the ante on what is hot for each decade he has been fascinating us! Got your copy?

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