Good rotis on Barbadian West Coast – Roti Den by Holders Hill

It has been over 2 months now that I have kept my word to stay away from KFC and Chefette, it has not been easy simply from a matter of convenience and location. These two entities have a stranglehold on the island!

The dead-tree version of the Nation finally printed my letter in their “Naughty or NISE” feature and totally emasculated it by removing the names of both creeps, there is a new site for the Barbadian paper now but it has an inert search engine – when you type in a reference, you hit “GO” but nothing happens.

Anyway, my vow has led to me being very creative in either making my own meals for lunch at work or dinner at home, it has also made me explore areas I never knew before!

I do reviews on restaurants before and one I did on finding the Greatest Roti in Barbados led to many comments and a slight controversy, but there is another place apart from Amisha’s, Big John’s, IV Play Deli and Indian Grill.

I was on the west coast for an art exhibition at the On The Wall Gallery at Chattel House Village in Holetown, afterwards, I saw this place at the bottom of Holders Hill – The Roti Den.

I went in and was a little hesitant, it is not the cleanest place in the Universe, but there was a rustic charm nevertheless… Recalling I had some Pepto-Bismol in caplet form at home, I decided to brave the conditions…

I was glad I did – they have dhal-skins and the rotis may be messy in that the gravy oozes everywhere, but they’re HUGE and worth the $11.50 for an All Beef Roti! I shall head back there soon, maybe after a chukka or so?

Well, I have kept my word against the two fast food dictatorships and I have prevailed, care to join the revolution?

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  1. That's a great price. I have never been there before & the comments I get are not that great. You seem to have a great sense of "belly"

    Where else could I go for a really great roti?

    I have been told Ackee Tree tops the list and all I hear is it well worth it and the prices are about the spot on.

    I also hear they are doing dinner & it the bomb …

    Look forward to reading your reply.

  2. It is not a matter of “belly,” rather no media here really does a restaurant critique…

    In addition? I truly am tired of these clandestine promos for Ackee Tree, you even have the same grammar and syntax!

    No, for me, Ackee Tree is not that hot!

    Click here: REASON 1

    Or Click here: REASON 2

    Just accept that Bajan Reporter does NOT think Ackee Tree is the bomb, it’s food tastes like it’s bombed maybe, but that’s all and that’s FINAL!

    Live with it and move on, I will NOT recommend Ackee Tree for anyone as a good dinner or roti spot – PERIOD!


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