BRIDGETOWN BURNING: New Martial Arts website from Barbados – Update on Taekwondo expert Bernard Lorde

It’s been a while since we touched on the Barbadian Taekwondo fighter, Bernard Lorde, and in scouring thru youtube the other day that’s who we found plus a new website for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bouts – here in Barbados!

We are glad to see Bernard making a name for himself and doing this country proud, here is one of his bouts… It’s the 62 kilo range and he’s against Levent Tuncat;-

Bajan Fights has many options for you to view, you definitely need the latest Flash as there are quite a few slide shows to watch – even down to ring girls! My main concern with the website is how the soundtracks clash. As you try to watch a grappling video which has as a soundtrack “Eye Of The Tiger” from the fight-film Rocky, yet at the same time playing at the bottom of the page is a jazz piano instrumental also trying to grab your attention… It’s easier to hit “PAUSE” on the MP3 widget at the bottom of the page, but some may try to turn off the volume on the video, but Survivor as a background complement to the scenes is better than the jazz-piano in my books.This has a potential to draw niche-marketing in Sports Tourism if marketed correctly. There are not many martial arts forum in the Caribbean and MMA is now developing a huge following in the USA and it is also starting to grow in the UK.

There’s a new event here on Saturday at Sherbourne Centre called “Bridgetown Burning” which the promoters are promising to be interesting;-

The next event would be National Trials for Tae

kwondo at on Saturday 25th April 2009 at a venue to be selected, while the Ultimate Bajan Fighter is at the Wildey Gym on May 2nd. Franz Gittens is the lucky photographer with them Ring GirlsCurious about the Ring Girls? You male chauvinist pigs, so was I – LMAO!

If you are interested in future matches or want to learn then you can call 829-6951, he uses a number of free sites and yet is charging for ads, he’s getting business!

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