Anonymous Barbadian angry over lack of responses to questions posed to the Prime Minister of Barbados on CBC-TV 8

DISCLAIMER: The following views by airing via this News-Blog does not indicate original author condones nor approves content of message, this blogger is merely providing a vehicle for a previously ignored comment…

PROLOGUE: The other night on CBC, there was a chance for the public to take seat in the studio or send an e-mail to the Prime Minister to express concerns or give commendations. For some – it appeared the complaints were lukewarm, while other blogs saw it as a seal of approval for what has been done so far…


I got an e-mail from one of those services which re-sends content from a double-blind proxy server to ensure privacy, this Barbadian is very dissatisfied and has some alternatives to how things are at the moment;-

Dear Sir,

As a private citizen of this country, I have a number of matters which concern me they are as follows…

TRANSPORT: With Road Tax at $400 per year, why are there more potholes on the road than asphalt – When is a remedial programme in place to address the lack thereof, I recall each elections Barbadians were guaranteed some road repairs? How long do Bajans have to endure the snarl by Sagicor and the 3 lane nightmare by the bottom of BET Hill? Will there be any incentives for car-pooling? What if a couple have different shifts, can a rebate be offered if they pay for two years in three months, eg: instead of $800 x2 the couple pays $1200 for both cars if cleared in three months??

NATURE: What is happening with the Graeme Hall Sanctuary, why has the DLP regime been so silent as the previous BLP admin? With CLICO’s President as CBC’s Chair and CLICO Holdings having avid interests in Real Estate, does this not call for accountability and transparency from the DLP as you wanted when sitting in the Public Accounts Committee?

When will any Gov’t divest itself of CBC or open other TV stations? Why has the Fair Trading Commission never stated that CBC is the last monopoly of Barbados?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Why have I been reduced to sending this as an anonymous viewer? For fear of reprisals not to myself but my family due to my standing in the community! What became of the Freedom Of Information act? Is the proposal of an Integrity/ Transparency/ Accountability-Legislation just a ballot-gimmick?
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