After Cheshire’s 2-nil drubbing of Barbados rally in dramatic 6/5 Chukka at Holders: 16 year old Barbadian saves the match

After Cheshire’s 2-nil drubbing of Barbados rally in dramatic 6/5 Chukka at Holders: 16 year old Barbadian saves the match

Things have not been good for Barbados in the current Cheshire series, the Taylors thumped the Bajans on Sunday [Nation only now mentions the game while this News-Blog relayed it next day’s self] and then again on Tuesday at Lion Castle (Pity, but missed that game, and understood there were Cheshire fans dressed as animals and took part in the prize-ceremony at the end)!

The whopping final is day after tomorrow, meanwhile visited Holders yesterday and polo on a weekday is vastly different… There are next to no Bajans there – we are not idly rich sad to say (On holiday myself, so was lucky to catch the game) and so the crowd was almost totally Brit with a smattering of Yankees. Also managed to get a trophy, a severely battered ball that was discarded by Oli Taylor which I hope both Barbados & Cheshire teams would autograph come Sunday’s finale!In the warm-up game there was Team Vision with Damian Luke, Monique Archer, along with one of the Odles and Nunez while Whitehall [Not WhiteHILL as Nation had it] consisted of free-spirited Angelique Bjerkhamn, plus Oliver Williams, Stuart Gill & Lucas (Bruce Bayley was due to play but he hurt his hand and he’s resting it for Sunday’s finale).

That was a straight walk-over, Whitehall whitewashed Vision by eight goals to none! Then there was a slight change for Cheshire’s team where David Everton stood in for Lucy Taylor – hope she’ll be in the finale come Sunday? She has to also play in the Battle of the Sexes too!

This game is the most dramatic I witnessed so far… In the first chukka, it was a rapid one-all for each side; next chukka? Cheshire’s Oli Taylor dug in to make a hat-trick of goals and put Barbados under at 3 to 1 – HOWEVER… Barbados returned fire in the 3rd chukka and made it 3-2!

In the fourth quarter –aka– chukka, Cheshire rose to the occasion and made it 4-2 and suddenly Barbados was like a lizard ran up their jodhpurs… They jammed in 3 quick goals which made it 5 to 4 and then Cheshire brought it back in with a tie! Richard Gooding scored the fifth goal as rain started to filter down – here’s the video;-

The rain really started to get heavy and I had to put away my camera, this was damn pity! The tie created an extra 30 seconds to score and out from nowhere zipped Adam Deane, Barbados’ youngest polo-player at 16 to score the extra chukka with 4 seconds to spare!

Howard Taylor agreed the Barbadian team were well-meshed and was very noble in defeat;-

It was a great game of polo and afterwards there was partying… Look who boogied on down?

I just can’t wait for Sunday with Lion Castle, see you there from 3:00 pm (

Be early, better vantage point, if you have a folding chair – wouldn’t hurt to keep it handy in the trunk)?

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