James and Bobby – deep in the Brown with Chris: Abusers Anonymous founders? Should Rihanna be 1st beneficiary?


It was no genuine surprise to learn that neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown earned Image Awards from the NAACP over the weekend. Perhaps in a diplomatic move, neither were set forward as winners (This is like when friends and associates ignore BOTH husband and wife when they are in messy divorce proceedings, since no one wants to be seen as biased for either way) – instead Beyonce (who must have gotten a good dose of SCHADENFREUDE from winning over the Barbadian lass) and Jamie Foxx taking home their duly-earned respective trophies.

The dragging fiasco that appears to be a situation of domestic abuse between our Barbadian singer Rihanna and Chris Brown – whose music is pulled by increasing numbers from US radio stations and these same institutes are also inviting people to come and burn, melt, shred and otherwise destroy the young entertainer’s music – remains in limbo as folks from all over the world want to know what happened?

Even Rihanna’s producer is alleged to be in the island, safeguarding the most popular Fenty in Barbados right now. This as overseas media are seeking to encourage family members to open up as to whether or not “Ri-Ri” is back home and if so, are there any wounds to lick? Many Bajans are vex, but there was one guy polled who gave neutral to lukewarm support for Brown, perhaps he should watch Jennifer Lopez in Enough?


Well, if true, it seems odd that just before this incident she was recording a duet with Akon (Who’s known for physical violence himself, and thus losing a contract to Verizon) about a gal who gets revenge for domestic abuse in this chilling tune called “Emergency Room” according to England’s Sun tabloid;-

The song, which has leaked onto the internet, features a graphic depiction of hospitalising the unfaithful partner and then removing his intravenous drip.

The star sings: “I’m going to leave your heart broken on the floor/ You’re gonna be in the emergency room/ I’m standing by your bed/ And so tempted to pull out your IV.”

She adds: “Tryin’ to call a nurse but nobody can help you now/ Let me see you try to live without me/ Now where’s your heartbeat? versions of same song / Flat line on the ECG“.


To me, this seems like a disturbia, um, disturbing version of Frankie & Johnny – which also has abuse and revenge (check other links for different versions of same song);-

Frankie and Johnny were lovers
O Lordy, how they could love
They swore t’ be true to each other
Just as true as th stars above
He was her man but he done her wrong

Frankie and Johnny went walking

Johnny had a brand new suit
Johnny paid a hundred dollars
Just to make her man look cute
He was her man but he done her wrong

Johnny said, I’ve got ta leave you
But I won’t be very long
Don’t you wait up for me, honey
Nor worry while I’m gone

He was her man but he done her wrong

Frankie went down to th corner

Stopped into buy her some beer
Says to th fat bartender,
Has my Johnny man been here
He was her man but he done her wrong

Well, I ain’t going to tell you no story
Ain’t going to tell you no lie
Johnny went by ’bout an hour ago
With a girl named Nellie Bly
He is your man but he’s doing you wrong

Frankie went home in a hurry
She did’nt go there for fun
She hurried home to get ahold
Of Johnny’s shootin’ gun
He was her men but he’s doing her wrong

Frankie took a cab, at th corner
Says, driver step on this cab
She was just a desperate woman
Gettin’ two timed by her man
He was her man but he’s doin’ her wrong

Frankie got out at south Clark Street
Looked in a window, so high
Saw Johnny man, a lovin’ up
That high brow, Nellie Bly
He was her man but he done her wrong

Johnny saw Frankie a comin’
Out th back door he did scoot
But Frankie took aim with her pistol
An’ th gun went roota-toot-toot
He was her man but he done her wrong

O, roll me over so easy
Roll me over so slow
Roll me over easy boys
Cause my wounds they hurt me so
I was her man but I done her wrong

Bring out your long black coffin
Bring out your funeral clothes
Johnny’s gone an’ cashed his checks
To th graveyard, Johnny goes
He was her man but he done her wrong

Drive out your rubber tired carriage
Drive out your rubber tired hack
There’s twelve men going to th graveyard
But a’leven comin’ back
He was her man but he done her wrong

Th sheriff arrested poor Frankie
He took ‘er ta jail th same day
He locked her up in th dungeon cell
An’ he threw th key away
He was her man but he done her wrong


This old song of course, would lend credence to the booty-call text theory which supposedly sparked the confrontation between Rihanna and Chris Brown, there are other ideas tossed about now – she gave him an STD or that he wanted out and she clung to him (The last from an e-mail which has a fake Rihanna bruise picture)…

This is not the first time a Brown has been abusive, the godfather for such evil crap is the late James Brown, God rot his soul – I can never forget it as it was the first time that Free Press refused to carry a comment from me. They were venerating the arsehole and leaving out the aspect of his consistent abusive side!

Of course, then there was Bobby, who’s known for his prerogative, eh? How many times did poor Whitney Houston act like an Everlast product for this creep?

While it would be great if “Ri-Ri” came fwd and revealed what really happened, nevertheless she has her own stress and sorrow, she should be able to ease it out at her own pace and we should try and resist from doing what Bajans call “...bein’ malicious” or acting nosey. When she ready, she will open she mout’ and let alla wunna know, ok?

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