Is Barbados operating under a Russian Orthodox Calendar? Otherwise, this poster is OLD!

It was a rainy day, and was trying to buy an umbrella over the weekend – forever losing them, LOL – and when I was getting back in my car? I see this ad, and I get worried, because if they still have Christmas hams then they’re greener than Dr Seuss’ own;-

Now I have heard Russia’s calendar is a bit different to ours, when we have nice pink healthy ham and jug-jug, them only now beginning preparations… When Xmas is over this side of the world? Them almost at their Christmas!

Is that what happened to the Texaco station in Wildey? Caught an a space-time warp? Operating in Barbados but thinking MOCKBA/Moscow?

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  1. Ian, not just Texaco. Time has stood still at the Post Office and the newly reopened Main Library, where you find that you can still be fined or have to pay fees in pounds, shillings, and pence. I kid you not. I have the leaflets in front of me. Now that’s the way to preserve the value of money.


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