Martiniquan Sculptures – Martial Arts, Dance, Kama Sutra & Cinema: Jerome Radigois at grounds of Lancaster Great House in Barbados {ATTN – NSFW/NC-17}

So here it is, you park your car behind Lancaster, stroll in …. and suddenly Trinity is lunging from the trees waiting to lay a royal kick in your butt? This is despite my having been warned, the theory is SO different from the practice!
This is the first of many fascinating life-sized and durable sculptures (Some use volcanic sand, others coral along with resin to protect the art, each sign says when you visit) that Jerome Radigois is exhibiting for the next four months on the grounds of Lancaster, this Martiniquan displays much versatility – Pop Art (As proven with Trinity, perhaps Neo dodging bullets next?); Abstract in both Dance and Martial Arts, then putting Sir Richard Burton to shame with eerily realistic erotic poses in miniature people. Almost as if Medusa froze a few Borrowers while making love? Love is Blue, the title of a hit instrumental from the 60’s, and that colour is very dear to Monsieur Radigois in many of his works…

The Greek mythology reference is not as strange as it appears since Jerome on his own site, done in both French & English, says he loves to “…petrify the movement…” when doing sculpture or devising architectural plans.

The chance to follow the map of Jerome’s works also led to discovering the expanse and beauty of the grounds at Lancaster. Near the cottage, he has a man with a cane-bill waiting and children returning from a fishing-jaunt and recalling lost days of the Caribbean, now we are so modernised.

He favours aikido the Martial Arts used by Steven Seagal, and you find many references in large and small representations. Aikido is not the only style which holds his fascination, Jerome also pays tribute to Capoeira where there are three characters each integral to the massive diorama – the dancing and swaying fighters who are practicing their deadly moves as timed to the beat of the drummer. Yet each piece is sold separately, but for me that is like breaking up a family!

Tango is an abstract reference to one of the most powerful and seductive moves imported from Argentina. The French, also known for their passion in life too, therefore leads to the natural conclusion that Jerome successfully captures the nuances and denouement of the slithering sexuality across the floors from the brothels of Buenos Aires where the dance was invented as patrons waitied to sample the goods.

From love for sale to love for the sake of l’amour – the pure detail on Jerome’s Erotik series is well worth the price and some of the least expensive works. If you see the price-tags you might raise your eyebrows, but one has to bear in mind, Monsieur Radigois shipped the items here for his Barbados debut out of his own pocket! He sought Government assistance in Paris, but they recanted at the last minute – c’est la vie!

Nick Whittle was among the visitors at Lancaster that afternoon and he spoke with M’sieu Radigois for a while, I have no idea what ideas were exchanged but it was bound to be insightful for both of them. As a visit to Lancaster would be for yourself… See you soon?
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