A former sight common as dust, now rarer than diamonds – A Mini Moke in Barbados!

I doubt anyone recalls the Gurgel, I barely saw one or two myself in my teens, they were tough, cheap transport for visitors to Barbados… ?But surely a good few of you remember the Mini Moke? I heard they were invented in WW2, they got real popular here – I even remember the Merrymen had a tune about one… If you saw one anywhere, it was almost by law that you’d see one or two tourists nearby – usually in Hawaiian aloha outfits!

Then, for whatever reason, they gave way to cut-off Mini Coopers or Suzuki Swifts with removable soft-tops.

Lo and behold, was paying my phone bill in Rendezvous and look what I spotted?

It’s a British guy who’s the owner, says he bought it 2 years ago for when he’s here and wants to trundle about… These once-prolific metal steeds are now scarce as a coelacanth! He says there are now about only six or seven here in Barbados!!
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  1. wicked! have not seen one in years


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