QEH Kids – 14 December 2008; Barbadian Community Contributor says thank you for all who helped

(Rene Holder’s own words) I would like to thank all those who helped with making the party for the children on the QEH paediatric ward a great success. Your contributions truly brought a smile to many and the children, parents, and staff of that ward, it was a great time had by all.

I hope to see your continued support in this and other future projects as we continue to keep this country’s future bright.

I would like to specially thank the following organisations and persons for their contributions, time, and support.

Helping hands the day of the party
David Kirton for performing for the children, parents, family members
and staff.
Noelle Kirton and the Kirton children
Kirtis Luke
Kevin Dasilva
Johanda Clarke
Maria Kublalsingh
Andrea Millar
Lisa Harding & Adje Jawole
Damian Mascoll of BYDC

Organisations, businesses and persons that made outstanding contributions
Barbados Youth Development Council (BYDC) and all its members
Krackerjack Kids Warrens branch ? especially Fiona Rodney
Barbados Organisation of Retired Nurses ? especially Barbara Carmichael
Liesl Harewood – Dykon Development: Her input was the seed that made
this event happen
Ian Bourne ? Bajan Reporter
Jason Brancker – Brancker’s
Peter Wickham
Kareem Howard
Everyone that donated a gift for the children in the paediatric ward a special thank you.

My Family for their support and contributions
Monica McClean-Holder (Mom)
Frank Holder (Dad)
Margaret McClean-Bishop (Aunt)
Stewart Bishop (Uncle)
Senator Maxine McClean (Aunt) for the Balloons +
Julia McClean (cousin) for wrapping the gifts
Dr. Marisha McClean (cousin) one of the doctors on the paediatric ward
and my first contact in setting up the party for the children.

QEH Staff
Last but by far not less Dr. Ann St. John and all the staff that work in the paediatric ward at the QEH hospital.

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  1. Why don’t we stop calling our children Kids? They are not? We should make an effort to stop it.

  2. Utter rot, children have been kids since the 14th Century ask Rob Leyshon who ran a column on it in the Nation Newspaper, I also did an article on Larrier’s letter earlier this year – it’s all part of a generational mindset… Excuse me but I have to go now, I have to get the formula bottle to feed my step-daughter’s kid!

  3. AirBourne,

    Thanks for the lesson in use of English but you know as well as I do that these simple things are not so simple at all. You identified the fact that people think it is American and I like that twist about kid being of childish origin but if you saw a baby goat in action you would understand the word kidding around and that in the earlier context the word was never used to replace the word child. Show me where.

    It is a new use of the word mostly by Americans and so if the Rev. Larrier choose not to associate our children with animals, then that is usage too. Bad will always be bad, but in recent times bad has been used to mean good. Yes, extreme, but at the same time usage is a matter of choice; and transient as cultural usage. For me the word kids cannot be good for the psyche and if you think that is trivial, then you could easily call them monkeys or chimps and tell me about appropriateness in names.

  4. Did you click on the links in my response? Kid as children has been in use for CENTURIES, I suppose you uphold the stupid “picnic” theory – THAT was debunked by Snopes and so many other myth-busting sites, yet ppl maintain the fallacy!

  5. Yes I did. Not upholding anything that does not hold water, but my specific question was where is the evidence to support the interchangeable use of kid and child prior to now?

    Check the laws of Barbados the UN Conventions and Charter and even the laws of the USA and UK and you will not find any use of the word kid to mean child in any official document. It is simply colloquial now (I will argue strongly that you cannot find any reference to kid used as a synonym for child unless you can show me the proof) and anybody can choose to like the term or dislike it without being an idiot. Meantime the word is child. Beyond the goat stuff, I do not have any definitions for kid. See how the dictionary deals with it; certainly not as a definition and I should therefore be able to insist that my child is not referred to as a kid, in the same way that you will take offense to anybody calling you a criminal. So what’s in a name?

  6. I have been called fraud or crook by quite a few friends of mine and we still have a laugh… To each his own, eh? Here’s looking at you, kid – as was was said in 1943’s Casablanca.

  7. Stupse! I have to admit I love my little rug-rat to death.


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