Parody Viral Videographer victimised by “Confessions Of a Superhero” film-director

As you might recall, this News-Blog reviewed Morgan Spurlock’s “Confessions Of a Superhero” and having done so, then decided to check youtube to see if there were any sequels or other references… There was deleted video on a Batman-fanblog of the George Cloney-character kicking the crap out of another character outside of Grauman’s so obviously he has not completed his Anger Management successfully?

Anyhow, I also see a reference to a Delbert Shoopman as connected to the documentary, but this time it’s a Mockumentary – something that Brian Smith and Miguel Drayton are no stranger to…

He did a spoof of the Spurlock gig and called it Hooters Dude, but clearly states in his end-credits that the music came from “Confessions…” and the feature itself was based on same, take a look;-

Then last month, the director from that picture e-mailed the young video-blogger….

There are cases where you can go over the top like the same SNL making a new routine based on New York’s blind Caribbean-American Governor, most folk thought they were desperate for new material after Sarah Palin is now cold news. But for that case, it’s a matter of taste and not an accusation over copyright.

Now this may be a small blog from Barbados, but I do have global awareness – so my take on the whole situation is this… If Delbert is not allowed to spoof a movie of whatever nature then Leslie Nielsen, or the Wayans Bros, Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Madd, Peter Boyce or whoever else are not allowed to conduct humourous assessments of other original products? Is it not said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

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  1. Matthew Ogens was the director I believe, not Moran Spurlock

  2. This is true, but Spurlock is Exec Producer and he dresses up and gives the introduction on the DVD, and the DVD itself says “MORGAN SPURLOCK’S Confessions of a Superhero”… But you’re right Ogens is the one with the beef at Shoopman


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