Britney Spears on American Idol? Barbadian-vacationing Simon Cowell muses & scouts on Barbados beaches

Everyone wants a piece of her, so does Simon Cowell – according to Gossip Girls, he is here in Barbados and doing his usual beach-boy thang. While walking Barbadian shores, he did not dispel a rumour of him using the “Toxic” hit-songstress to boost viewership of the show which put his name on the map;-

As for the upcoming season of ?AI,? Cowell recently told press that he?d be tickled if comeback hero Britney Spears were to get involved.

?She would, literally, be first on the list as far as I?m concerned in any capacity. I would love to see her mentor the contestants, but if she doesn?t want to do that, and she wants to come on the show and perform, I would welcome her anytime.?

And as it turns out, when the ?Gimme More? songstress was on Cowell’s ?X-Factor? in the UK, it was a very positive experience. ?The buzz we had on our show when she came on was extraordinary. And even with all the stuff that?s gone on with her the past two years, there was more excitement and interest in her than I?ve seen in anyone in years. She would be very, very welcome.?

The talent giant worth $60 mil. US per year also had time it seemed to audition Barbadian talent according to Kool Barbados;-

…. he was seen dining with friends at the Fish Pot – Barbados? currently ?in? restaurant.

Normally a man of carefully-created mystery who shuns impromptu interviews with journalists he uncharacteristically opened up his soul to a Hollywood ?Hollywood Reporter? reporter who?d wheedled a suite in the Little Good Harbour Hotel to get a guaranteed table in the restaurant hoping to have a Cowell (or other prominent) ?spotting.?

For obvious reasons the HR reporter refused to give specific details of their conversation until his own organ spills the beans. But he did say to Barbados press representatives when questioned later, ?Mr. Cowell told me he?s ?thunderballed? (Ed. He probably said or meant ?thunderstruck.?) by finding an 18-year-old sweet Barbados ?honey? – his words – more gorgeous than Halle Berry, a body beyond Beyonce and with a wider vocal range than Leona Lewis. He also admitted he felt quite faint when he first saw her. And that?s all I?m prepared to say at the moment.?

The local scribes pressed for more details but the HR man remained mum. Even when a Nation cub reporter asked ?just tell us where Cowell found the body? I?ve been scouring Barbados for one like that for years.?

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