At the official opening session with OAS state Ambassadors and other officials in attendance – Ambassador Reynaldo Cuadros of Bolivia’s mission to the OAS – and who also happens to be the current Chair of the American Draft Declaration sessions opened the minds of the non-indigenous audience in attendance with his unique intellect and insight into what some of them perhaps considered to be quite controversial statements.

Ambassador Cuadros said: “The OAS is incomplete, and it will NOT be complete until it has the full participation and involvement of ALL the inhabitants of the Americas, the indigenous peoples MUST be included!

He then went on to say:
What we have here is just a map of political boundaries imposed by force on the true landowners and first inhabitants of the Americas, before Columbus this Hemisphere already had organized social life, a myriad of dazzling cultures…none of which was respected, and all of who’s rights, dignity and possibility to survive were NOT given any semblance of equitable treatment. 60 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we STILL do not have the full participation of Indigenous Peoples in the neo-colonial states of the Americas.”

The Ambassador further added;-
An irresponsible lifestyle that does not encompass a balance, enshrined in a society that is organised exclusively by corporate interest – who only concern themselves with financial profit – is in fact a new kind of slavery, economic slavery, with new and re-invented forms of subjugation and mental colonisation, for example, it aims to convince indigenous people that their traditional harmonious with nature lifestyle is not theprogressive way to live, and is somehowwrong‘; whilst simultaneously brainwashing the populace that a materialistic Western lifestyle is thebetterway to exist. It is truly a parasitic system that this so-called civilised worldspreads like contamination upon the earth.

Take for example your plane ride to be here today, I am sure on the plane there was afirst classsection, but how does one get into that section? By having and paying more money that the rest, no-one is concerned with whether you obtained this money in a moral or immoral way, legal or illegal way, they are only concerned with whether you have the money or not…what does this tell you about this way of life they promote?

OAS Secretary Albert Ramdin of Suriname was also present and gave a brief address thanking the State and Indigenous representatives in Attendance and urging them to work together tirelessly to make progress on the Draft American Declaration of the rights of Indigenous peoples.

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