Beer, dogs and Englishmen – new blogs and websites popping up for 2008 Yuletide

Does anyone recall “The Baruba Show” on CBC 900, with guest voice talents like Andrew Pilgrim and they’d joke about topics of the day? It disappeared for the usual reasons, which is to say some thin-skinned Bajans used influence to have it dismantled – that’s why blogs like Underground and Free Press stay anonymous so they can sledge with relative impunity; I could even have been guilty of trying to stop it too if Baruba had pointed their finger at me, but I usually try to stay off the radar that way…

Well, they have pulled a Lazarus and revived on to the internet in a number of ways now… There’s the 87 year old Baruba Post where nothing is sacred on that hypothetical Caribbean islelet, such as Madonna’s divorce

All this would normally be of little interest to Barubans but the split could affect the island?s unemployment statistics.

Because the couple own the biggest beachfront villa on the island and are known to employ a permanent staff of 208. Located midway between Hightown and Red Rock on the right heading south to Bridgeport the grotesque building called ?Sands? has been troubled since it was completed in 2003. And not only for its monstrous size totally out of proportion when compared to other Baruban luxury dwellings.

Tales of drug-fueled orgies have circulated for years and although the Madonna/Ritchie couple could never be linked to them grainy video exists of stoned Milk Carton heirs and heiresses entertaining U.S. Embassy officials butt-naked in the Olympic-sized jacuzzi.

Then they appear to be friends with Kool Barbados where Simon Cowell and camera-shy Police fall under their blogoscope –

This police shunning-publicity syndrome was nowhere more obvious than early on Christmas Morning when two teenage girls from Detroit were apparently strolling on the East Coast beach north of Bathsheba when a handsome young and muscular man wearing only shorts jogged towards them. Impressed, aroused and desperate to make contact one feigned being in difficulty in the rolling surf while the other awkwardly blocked his way and tried to engage him in conversation. After dragging the one girl over the sand to safety the young chap was polite and friendly but became agitated when the other took out her Canon CT20. ?I may have saved her but I may have to arrest you because I?m a cop,? he said. ?Oh yeah! Show me some identification,? said the younger of the girls, giggling. And was still looking at him longingly as he sped off at high-speed, zig-zagging to remain out of focus.

Only after she called KoolBarbados to report this bizarre incident and was told of similar stories did she concede he may have been a genuine policeman.

Why this reluctance to be photographed? Is it the age-old fear of a shiny metal box stealing the victim?s soul? Or perhaps more likely a clever RBPF public relations stunt to shroud the force in impenetrable mystery and thereby promote recruitment?

For what it’s worth, I realise most Bajans shy from microphones and cameras and threaten with lawsuits be it good or bad news – it’s usually Canadians, Americans and some Brits who volunteer to be temporary media stars when a comment is needed.

Back on the blog bit, please note there is a definite distinction between Kool Barbados and KoolBarbados, the separate words version is where any Bajan topic is up for grabs but the one-word version is an invitation for locals and visitors to encourage folk to vacation here, even to a contest as mentioned at Baruba Post

So write a really cool slogan best describing Barbados in 12 words or less. The winner gets a Barbados $100 Gift Voucher from Cave Shepherd. Entries close 31 January 2009.

How can you win?

Join up as a member at KoolBarbados. It?s completely free. Then go to the Most Popular Groups section and you?ll see where to submit your entry.

If you have questions you can always email the KoolBarbados site organisers here.

We don?t expect many Barubans to enter. That?s not the point.

It?s to kick our own people into action and get with the modern communication techniques before it?s too late.

My only concern with those sites is that the font is a bit on the shy side of tiny, I make the print bigger on mine to accommodate not only older readers but myself as it’s easier to navigate; they should also allow readers to comment even if they moderate before printing to avoid spam or scum… Anyhow, speaking of faraway places, got a comment from a beer-blog in Portugal

We are Portuguese and we have a blog.
Came and visit our blog and give there your opinion.

It looks like fun if you are into cervezas. Have no idea what drew them, I do recall writing about Tony Blair and Banks when this News-Blog began? Also had a survey on the golden beverage earlier in the month.

Last but not least, there is a blog for dogs and dog-lovers, yup! “Dogs In Barbados” is obviously affected though by Microsoft Word 2007 or 2008’s desire to add HTML code that is not supported by some browsers – I actually had to click on an item’s link to read the article!

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