2008 – a Barbadian year, a Caribbean milestone: News-Blog makes 2nd anniversary

24 months ago, an ex-journalist wondered if chatting about his pets (On a fruitless mission to recover a missing cat) and publishing unused reviews would draw people away from tabloid blogging from other quarters of cyber-Barbados, he made a bold decision to not hide his identity… Realising photos draw more folks, he used a simple digital camera to augment reports on basic events where mainstream media seldom bothered to cover…

Well, that was late 2006 – in the 2 years since? Bajan Reporter has jumped to nearly 1,000 readers a day including places like Pakistan, Thailand, Australia and China among other far-flung hotspots; from using a DXG 552 five mega-pixel camera to a Nikon Coolpix L18 eight MP camera with an anti-shake mechanism; from unused reviews to releases from BVI, Jamaica, Grenada, St Kitts, Nevis ranging from art/celebrities, polo, literary, telecom giants to PR agencies and media corporations.

What did happen in 2008? Well, there were those who Left… Departed physically, but not mentally/spiritually!

Evelyn Cook (Supt of Cemeteries – SSA)

Terry Mayers (Ace Sportscaster/Story-gatherer, 1967 – 2008: with wife & son in happier times)

Debbie Callender (Poet-Writer: see above – extreme right, at Lamming fiction class)

Monica Sobers (Transport Dept – SSA)

Eric Nurse (News Editor)

Then there were grand moments, like when Usain Bolt showed how a small country like Jamaica could lick the tar out of accustomed powerhouses like USA, Kenya, the UK or Russia from track and field…

Or when Barack Obama put paid to Tupac’s rap over the US never having a Black President!

The Arabic world had reason for joy when an Iraqi journalist dared to do what many only thought of – pelting shoes at GW Bush, but he’s so accustomed to dodging issues he ducked under those size 10’s with ease… That didn’t stop a slew of video games emerging, but why has no mainstream media asked what took the Secret Service so long to respond, I mean, one shoe maybe …. but two, in full flight with only Baghdad’s PM as interception? Does this mean Bush’s guard get THE BOOT?

What were some of the main talking points for this News-Blog? Rihanna made it twice – once when it was alleged her Umbrella video was a subliminally sexual tract for Satanic Masons; then when it was debated whether or not she posed nude for a German magazine? Photoshop won…

Another celebrity who made it big with readers was when Simon Cowell actually showed he wasn’t a total meanie, he had a soft spot for animals and appeared at a special auction to benefit pet-neutering at Lancaster House while 2008 was relatively fresh at that point…

Speaking of fresh things, fresh food is very important to you readers out there – where to find the best rotis and proper service were items that drew many comments.

Anyhow, this will be the next to last story until Sunday, the other entry will be day after tomorrow – so, until next? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good surf!

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Nice post! Happy 2nd Anni.

    All the best!


  2. Happy Anniversary, I really enjoy your blog, good information without the rubbish!!
    Have a great Christmas



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