UPDATED: Barbadian designer thinks two Lottery presenters have room for improvement – Blogger regains temper and looks at issue not idle speculation

Sorry for taking so long to update, had a very busy week – Facebook is incredible, as I mentioned back in September – it was via this internet social network tool that Surfer’s Cafe promoted a comedy show and used no newspaper advertising and had the event sold out!Separate to this, in Heat Magazine I have seen Kingsley Thorne at war with Clairmonte Grazette over who has the oldest model agency, he also hosted Fashion Police there and did some ratings on various personalities, word reached the Barbadian blogosphere, and ex-Madd man Peter Boyce was annoyed when he wasn’t included – well, he finally made the grade, probably as he helps to promote Thorne.

Yet, apart from that, as we all know I present Lottery but it’s my aim to please the owners, not Kingsley, right? Yet he chooses to display the following on Facebook, granted this wannabe Blackwell has the right to share his views, but he should expect responses (Thorne had so many typos I had to correct, someone really needs to show him the Spell-Check button) –

Kingsley Thorne 2008 review part 2

Beauty Category

Most Sexiest Males (Barry Nicholls, Rah Armstrong, George Pilgrim, Alpha Jackman, Michael Allenby, Russell Ruck)

Sexiest Females (Tracey Archer, Shoran Ward, Betty West, Alyson Hinds, Shelly Williams, Jenny Armstrong)

Entertainment Category

Worst Dressed Marketing Manager Female (Ingrid from Krosfyah)

Worst Dressed Marketing Manager Male (Dwayne Gazettes – Jabae)

Worst Dressed Show Coordinator (Kofi Branch) No Females in this Category

Radio Category

Most Talked about Radio Personality

Hurricane, DJ Carlos, Jon Doe, Admiral Nelson, Mark Williams

Worst Radio Presenter (De Azam Boss)

Best 1 HR Programme

De Azam Boss

P Boyce


Club Xtreme

Night Club Category

Best Night Club (Taboo, Club Xtreme, Ship Inn, Club NXS)

Best Sunday Lime (Carib Beach Bar, Harbour Lights, Mojo’s)

Catwalk Category

Worst Catwalk Model Female (Amanda Bowen; MaleChris Goodridge)

Calypso Tents Category

Best Calypso Tent Bacannal Time

Lowest attended Tent Super Gladiators Roy Byer

Band leaders

Worst Dressed Female Rose-ann Lewis

Male Anwar Mahanadi

Band leader of the Year

Richard Haynes BAJE

Power X 4

Betty West

Individual Categories

Woman of the year (Mia Mottley)

Man of the year (David Thompson)

Best Dressed Female politician

BLP – Billie Miller

DLP – Maxine McClean

Best Dressed Males

BLP – Noel Lynch

DLP – Richard Sealy

Magazine Category

Caribbean Bride


Island Couture

Show Category

Best Music Event (The Barbados Music Awards)

Best Pageant (Miss Big & Beautiful)
Pageants in need of improvement

Miss Holetown

Miss Teen Universal

Miss Ositins

Shows that will make you commit suicide or have a coma

Hip Hop Festival

Sprite of the Nation Show

Explosion By Sparkles

Show with a difference (BOUiKBy Toni Thorne)

Models and Agents Category

Most Develop Female Model Julie-ann Durant and Sherry-ann Fung-a-fat

Male Model Raymond Ward and Corrie Goodridge

Model Agency with a Differences (Mystical touch) Troy Arthur-Slaw

News Paper Category

Best Sunday Editorial: (Sheri Holder) Easy

Best Friday Editorial: Nigel Wallace – Hello

Worst and Painful editorial to read on Sunday: (the Social Scene)


Worst Dressed Mega 6 Presenter (Ian Bourne) male and female Portia Blackman

Best Dressed: Mark Anthony – Male and Female – Sophia Cambridge

Best MC on Stage Females (Margret Allman-Goddard & Cassandra Crawford)

Male (Wayne KoolSimmons & Pearson Bowen)

Ladies Of Class (Lady Sella St John, Marva Manning, Billy Miller, Carol Cadogan-Fox)

Men of Class (Steve Blackett, Bizzy Williams, Ralph Taylor, Ralph Thorne)

Now, let’s get this straight, I appreciate his right to speak out but he has to remember – I also can deliver my own opinion! In addition, for the most part I do Double Draw, it’s on Saturdays at lunchtime therefore I wear a plain tee-shirt and slacks under a navy blazer. It’s only on a few occasions where I hosted Mega 6 and would use my Mandarin suit, so if he’s gonna critique, understand not only the circumstances but also the whole nature of the product!

But I mean really, what is so special about Kingsley Thorne anyway? Ladies, would you be caught dead in THIS outfit?

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3 Responses

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  1. lol Ian u is something else ya

  2. he sound like he been watching tummuch top model

  3. Most “Dunciest” Baseless Waste of Internet Time and Text: Kingsley Thorne Review parts 1 and 2.
    He should have his own show. Barbados’ Next Top Adult Education Student. The premise of the show: ‘duncy’ people over the hill sit down and try to outwit each other at such challenging things as;
    Subject and Verb agreement
    Conjugation etc.
    I take personal offence that my blog wasn’t even mentioned in his tirade, then again, there may be a part 3.


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