Small Societies in a Big World ? 33rd Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture at Central Bank of Barbados, 24th Nov. 2008

Time Magazine considers John Ralston Saul as a “Prophet,” his views on the death of globalism have been printed in quite a few languages. He’ll be talking to Barbadians tomorrow night at 8:00 pm at Frank Collymore Hall and expounding on “Small Societies In a Big World.”

A firm believer in acting for the greater good of the planet’s public yet extolling the virtues of individuality as one becomes a good citizen; Saul also has taken a wry look in numerous commentaries at how and why societies based on technocratic or manager-based principals are doomed to failure; his concern that managing can be mistaken for leadership; his disbelief in current economic views and also Mr Saul’s take on Freedom of Speech as it relates to culture among many other topics.

Mr Saul, from Ottawa, earned his PhD in 1972 – he studied both at McGill University and the University of London.

His own native Canada and Chile have bestowed many prestigious awards on him, plus the visionary author is best known for this trilogy – Voltaire’s Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason; The Doubter’s Companion: A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense & The Unconscious Civilisation.

Mr Saul in addition to non-fiction has crafted many novels of high acclaim as well – The Paradise Eater, global best-seller The Birds of Prey as well as a study on nouveaux riches Americans in the picaresque De Si Bons Americains. For me, it seems like a very intriguing speaker on a very important topic, so the Bajan Reporter may well take a gander tomorrow nite at 8:00 pm at the FCH and listen to Mr Saul.

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