Private beach in Barbados? Located between Dover Beach & St Lawrence Gap? Answer for – WHAT IS OCEAN TWO…

I grow up bathin, in sea water
But nowadays, that is bare horror
If I only venture, from my seashore
Police Telling me, I cyan bade no more
Cause ?Jack? doan want me to bade on my beach
?JACK? tell dem to keep me outta reach
?JACK? tell dem, I would never make de grade dey
STRENGTHEN SECURITY and build barricade
Dat cyan happen here in this country
I want Jack to know that the beach belong to me (we)
Dah cyan happen here, OVER MY DEAD BODY
Tell (big guts) JACK (him) GABBY
(I) say that de beach belong to me (we)
That beach is mine, I can bade anytime
Despite what they say I go there anyway (I gine bade anyway)

Lyrics and song by
The Mighty Gabby, from the song Jack, Barbados.

This is probably one of the best known songs of this small island state… More and more recently, situations have come to challenge the notion of a private beach in a 166 sq mile territory where all political parties vow to defend the entire country as having “windows to the sea.”

When I used to work at CBC, I remember saying to fellow Newsroom staffers don’t be surprised in the next 25 to 50 years or less, if the island’s economy really deteriorates? Don’t be surprised if there are one or two beaches which we have to walk around as the Govt of that day sold the area to clear debts.

Oh, they wanted to string me from the nearest yardarm for even daring to suggest such heresy – they vowed the streets would run red with blood – yadda, yadda, yadda! Yet there are persistent accusations of such a situation concerning those types of seconded properties in 2005, 2007 and right now

Here’s the latest promise of Barbadian beachfront real estate for non-public usage –

Ocean Two is located on its own private beach called Rainbow Beach, which is being enhanced and extended for residents to enjoy the beautiful blue waters. The property is located in Christ Church Parish on Dover Beach and Saint Lawrence Gap. It is within an easy drive of both Bridgetown and Grantley Adams International Airport.

Why is it that if there are no private beaches do real estate developers persist in stating there ARE such entities? Someone or someTHING must be encouraging them to believe there ARE such prime properties around here?

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  1. There aren’t. This is just a real estate tactic that raises the value of land they’re trying to sell. Quite a few people came here believing their were private beaches, which of course don’t exist.


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