Historical-Culture Rhythm-Poetry bags the 2008 Hilton Talent Search at Needham’s Point

Almost two years ago now, Hilton Barbados did a staff appreciation by way of a Talent Search a la American Idoland I was privileged to attend the debut but unable to make the second show. Not so for this year and lemme tell ya, the host on their inaugural exhibition was AWFUL!

This year, the emcee – they have to keep forever! Adrian Armstrong from the Front Desk was hilarious and his best joke was when he kept pulling out spectacles to try and read the night’s agenda! It didn’t even matter when he made sport at me in the audience, it was all in jest and taken that way!

Their Manager, Marilyn Soper, thanked the audience for appearing to lend support behind their friends or family who work at the Hilton. She did not say so, but it seems to me this is a chance for staff to blow off steam before the great Xmas rush bundles its way fwd again! That’s cool, since even after the Holidays of Yuletide & Old Year’s there’s a Staff Awards for them to enjoy too!

There was quite a bit of modelling, the very young and the young at heart and really sexy full-figured ladies, one in particular (ahem) –

Among the acts competing for prizes, was this rather hot dance group that really had the crowd hopping in a frenzy –

Just before Intermission, there was a group called Community Health Action Transformation or: CHAT; who did not compete but wanted to demonstrate the pitfalls and plight of people who live with HIV/AIDS, while a commendable task and an admirable effort.

It seemed to me there were a number of hitches within their presentation itself – why was a homeless woman the hostess? Was she another partner of the “wut’less” husband, who was made to seem like a village ram with only two women?

Why have the characters spring from the audience? How did this dramatic entrance lend credence to their act? In fact, the crowd was killing themselves with laugh the whole way through – as I understand it, they want to approach hotels and educate the staff on monogamy or abstinence…

It was so fake when the couple forgave each other in two minutes, what led him to do this – a dare? Was she caught up in her job? They also appeared to have left out the other usual preventions against this severe challenge, such as – condoms/safe sex, masturbation (mutual or alone) among other alternate ways to appreciate one’s partner in a sexual manner in a healthy way until both are tested.

This year’s event had many sponsors on board, there were Bionic Man’s Shop; Accra Beach Resort; Akobah’s Garden Services; Colombian Emeralds International; Forever Flowers; Digicel Barbados; The Cut Exsensuals; DL Smith Productions; NV Me clothing line; Savannah Hotel; Plus Couture in addition to The Crane Resort.

The judges included spoken-word rhymist Aja (developer of thesaf rhythm), calypsonian Anderson “Blood” Armstrong along with Wayne Jackman who has a large following for his rendition of “Back-In-Time” music at numerous venues across Barbados!

No relation to me that I am aware of, but Michael Bourne was last year’s winner and defending his crown… There were many acts plus a late start and so the show was not over until nearly eleven! In the end, there were three top winners…

Food & Beverage’s Sheena Taylor of the Water’s Edge placed third (singing).

Second was last year’s winner, Michael Bourne, who thrilled the audience with yet another oldie.

But the main winner did not sing, he hailed from the Kitchen Department and had a very long day too – from 5:00 am that day I understand. This was Damian Reid with a rhythm poem examining Bob Marley‘s catchphrase from his classic Redemption Song

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.

It sought to prove or disprove if Barbadians really emancipated themselves by citing how westill have the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen’s College and even how the Governor General has a Crown on the back of his car.

For me – it seemed he was trying too hard to be another Adrian Green, PLUS – not only Barbados but all over the world have many places, names and situations named after bad circumstances.

While there is the old saying that History is written by the victors, if we erase all “bad” parts from our past – how do we know where we came from? How far have we advanced from disadvantages? What is Humanity’s progress without gauging from some yardstick or benchmark that contrasts both the light and the dark? Whether the page is dark or light, don’t the words have to contrast for reading? Therefore, the world needs both good deeds and bad deeds, black and white in whatever context you choose to interpret – and a shining example of the joining of both black and white can be found in the new hope for the USA… Their 44th President Barack Obama, let’s all learn from him and from his circumstances too!

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