Barbadian Entertainer Philip 7: Rising with his “Who You Are”

Barbadian Entertainer Philip 7: Rising with his “Who You Are”


With a steadily growing collection of meaningful and memorable tracks, Philip 7?s latest number, Who You Are, along with his other musical endeavors, are ensuring that he continues to shine bright on the Caribbean music landscape.

The versatile and multi-talented Pyramid artist is again revealing the depth of his skills, with the recent recording and release of a warm and melodic track produced by one of Jamaica?s most long-standing and accomplished producers Richard ?Shams? Browne.

Philip 7 is well known for the quality and variety of his music, which reflects alternative as well as R & B influences, but when he struck with the authentic reggae hit Beautiful Surprise some time ago, he proved his musical flexibility, and his ability to incorporate different genres.

This latest reggae track Who You Are, was created in Jamaica and is a reggae inspired exploration of a special love interest that totally captures Philip 7?s mind. High production values, solid lyrics, and the characteristic versatile vocals of Philip 7 will ensure this number shines brightly.

The work has not stopped there for Philip 7. He also made recent links with other top Jamaican producers to ensure his talent reaches maximum potential on wax. Most recently, he completed the track Looking For, which was produced by the young yet accomplished Jamaican producer Stephen McGregor, and he has also been working with another veteran producer Donovan Germaine of the Penthouse Label.

On the visual side, Philip 7 has also made sure he?s been doing work. He has also shot the video for the single Looking For with noted Jamaican director Jay Will of Jay Will films. The video promises to be an exciting and exotic trek through sections of the country?s capital Kingston, as well as in neighboring Portmore in St Catherine.

In addition to these feats, Philip 7 will crown his career come year end, with his performance at one of Jamaica?s most elite and anticipated annual concerts A Moment in Time, headlined by the reggae legend Beres Hammond. The concert, sponsored by HOTT 95.3 Fm of the Starcom

Network in Barbados? in celebration of its anniversary, is based on the Jamaican show which is now a yearly staple in Jamaica?s entertainment diet, and features the most prolific and talented acts specially chosen by the legend himself.

The Barbados concert is set for December 28, at the Sir Garfeild Sobers Gymnasium, which will be transformed into an elegant arena for fine music and gifted acts, who will be accompanied by an orchestra and some of Jamaica?s leading musicians. Philip 7 and his band Masala will be on show to the nearly six thousand guests who will be seated at the gymnasium?s grandstand, plus the hundreds more who will be in the VIP section on the main floor of the complex.

This is easily a feat of tremendous significance, but it attests to the versatility of Philip 7 and the recognition of his talent by heavyweight industry players. It should put a fitting end to a productive musical year for him, and act as the springboard for an even greater 2009.


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