Will it take legislation for Barbados to respect Handicapped Parking Spots? Belleville bookstore scene of latest incident!

Regular readers of this News Blog know one of my main Pet Peeves is abuse of parking areas designated for Physically Challenged folk. Even when I was recovering from a broken leg 4 years ago, I felt bad for using one of the Handicapped spots at City Centre, my wife wanted to know why – I said to her my leg will get better, what about folks who really have foot problems? She cussed me and said use it while I have a limp and walking with a cane… But I only used it once more thereafter and that was mainly since my diabetic mother was with me and she uses crutches for helping her walk, my prime inspiration for upholding such parking spots.

That’s partially why I get annoyed when folks abuse these special places, they take up important space and when a person who really needs it, maybe not for a prescription but just to rush and use the toilet, has to park further away for their insensitivity! If you check the dead-tree edition of the Saturday Sun on a regular basis, then you’ll recall there was a picture of a Police van which abused one of those spots, and it earned the reader a prize for Amateur Photo of the Week! The editor promised to notify the Commissioner of the situation, wonder what happened? Follow up, Nation, follow up! NBPhotos used up to this point, are from 2007

I was at Chefette Rockley last month and watched a big ZM ease into a Handicapped Parking spot near the Main Entrance and I walked right up to the vehicle, watching the driver all the while, who at first played he was ignoring me then moved when he saw I was pulling out my camera – why does anyone have to resort to such measures to do the right thing? Just do the right thing every time, and no hassles!

So here I am on vacation, passing at the original Book Den in Belleville and what to my wondering eyes is a Honda in the handicapped spot! Again I say, if I am wrong? I am willing to amend or correct – but if you are guilty, then sin no more!

Apart from ITAL regulations which need to be approved by an independent body; a review of Budgetary measures as they stand in light of the Cost Of Living; there also needs to be relevant legislation created enforcing anti-littering/anti-dumping laws and the correct usage of Handicapped parking – just like how VAT & safety belts were successfully passed!

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