Jamaican Deejay/SingJay Sanjay has recently released a video for his track Girls Like featuring Ce’Cile and Aidonia produced by Samuel ‘Sam Diggy‘ Johnson for Fresh Ear productions. What is noticeable however, is that while you will hear Aidonia’s fast tempo rhymes, he is absent from the video.

The video, which was shot in 2006, depicts a dating game show where contestant Ce’Cile must choose between two bachelors both played by Sanjay. Sanjay 1, dressed in a cap and a pink & white polo, plays the role of the romantic bachelor, who insists that he knows that girls like a more romantic lover. While Sanjay 2, dressed in a green T-Shirt, portrays the more hard core Jamaican bachelor, the role originally to be played by Aidonia who was absent from the shoot.

Sanjay explains: “Aidonia and I first recorded Girls Like, Ce’Cile then added her part after. When I played the finished track for Aidonia he said he loved it and everything was fine. A few days later I heard one of his friends comment that he had a problem with Ce’Cile’s line ‘Love it when you do it to me baby’ which is from her track Do it Baby (which we all know what that is in reference to). But no one called me and said anything so I assumed it was just a rumour.

On the day of the shoot Aidonia did not show up, when we finally got in touch with someone from his camp, they confirmed the rumours, he did have a problem with the line. So we agreed to remove the line, but he still did not make an appearance so we were forced to change the concept of the video and have me play both roles and I redid his voice from the track.”

Aidonia’s absence posed numerous problems for the video as the film crew had to find a suitable double for Sanjay and pre-editing was needed in order to ensure the best quality. These problems caused the shoot, which should have taken 1 to 2 days, to drag on for months. By the time the video was ready, Sanjay had already released the video for his now popular track Man of My Word and decided to hold Girls Like until a later date.

However Sanjay was quick to point out that everything is all good: “Since then, Aidonia and I have spoken and all is amicable between the camps as Aidonia has called Fresh Ear producer Arif Cooper and the camps have made amends.”

Sanjay is now currently focused on promoting his new single Photogenic on the ‘Sexy Girl Riddim‘.

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