Proposed smoking ban does NOT look at Barbadian or Visiting Smokers’ Rights – Is legislation comprehensive or even competent?

Everyone in Barbados hails the proposed laws to be enforced early 2009 concerning smoking in public places – but has anyone offered shopkeepers alternatives when sales drop? Being at a rumshop or an OPEN-AIR karaoke bar, everyone KNOWS drinking & puffing go hand in hand, if you don’t like it? Find somewhere else to boogie!

If Barbadians are complaining about air-conditioned eateries where there is “Smoking” and “Non-Smoking” quarters, then I agree you are being ridiculous in claiming there are demarcated points where tobacco odours are told to exist! Anyone visiting Bubba’s, Friday’s or Club Xtreme is fully aware despite sauntering over to non-puffing areas, and you can have more extractors sucking smoke off than any Monica Lewinsky could, you still know there is gonna be a residual trace of nicotine drifting about, no matter how many “No Smoking” signs you place to reassure customers.

Head over now to somewhere like a typical Bajan rumshop or Nelson Arms or the Carib Beach Bar out by Worthing side and in these OPEN AIR establishments you have smokers and non-puffers peacefully co-existing as the fumes can DISSIPATE in peace & quiet al fresco!

When especially British guests pop over to Bim, one of the things most of them adore here is the freedom to burn a FAG, no not Clay Aiken, that’s UK slang for cigarettes. The Brits already have enough grief at home trying to puff, and here reminds them of the Good ol’ Days when 555 was not only King, but approved by same! What happens to them staying here if the smoking laws are the same as what they travelled to get away from?

Canada tried pricing cigarettes out of reach for the average consumer, all that happened is the Native North Americans who could buy in BULK and at Duty-Free concession rates, would traipse into T-dot (Toronto) with bulging duffel bags and offer Du Maurier packs at lower than going rate but still high enough for a mild profit. When Canada’s Govt realised how the Reservations were making a killing (I leave that comment for anti-puff advocates to play with), they then brought back the rates closer to normal to recoup losses!

I wonder if these anti-puffing regulations will really come about – everyone knows cardiologist Dr RC Haynes, Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons, along with a good few MP’s in the ruling party enjoy a bit of B&H or Embassy every now and again? I also know a few reporters at both papers who puff… So do quite a few Sanitation workers as well as Police, and they are essential to Barbados’ smooth running! People are really going to chance alienating folks whose cooperation is CRITICAL?
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