Bonsai formed local plants; Expressionism; Impressionism; Realism; Cubism; Photography; Accounting; Advertising – how many lifetimes does it take to accumulate such knowledge and to display it?

Well it’s all at the Grand Salle of the Central Bank – this is when the Collectors’ Club with the Daily Nation and the Central Bank paid tribute to Arthur Atkinson’s four decades of canvas, leaf, or whatever is available to mould in his own unique ways!

The celebration runs from ten in the morning until six in the evening right through to the 25th at ye olde Grand Salle in the City, although a longer period needs to be devoted if one is to truly savour a Lifetime Achievement from any artist of exceptional quality.

At times, Arthur shows patience with attention to minute details of local plants held in a smaller status taking decades to perfect in the Japanese manner of growth that is known as banzai – it’s also a way of wishing their emperor a long life (10-thousand years). Well in this case, Arthur is also king of plant-sculpting!

The Rise and Fall of Mr Big-Up” (Pg 45 in the catalogue, done in 2000) has nothing to do with Barack Obama – but it does look like him, especially in light of how the Democrat candidate’s comment the other day where he compared himself to a comic-book character means he is starting to believe his own hype. This is dangerous as he has not been proven as leader yet! If he does accept the invitation to Barbados, he needs to view Arthur’s work and specifically pay attention to this painting!

B. Jones” (Or Basil done in 1999 – Pg 31) is a portrait of a brother-in-arms of Art – get the catalogue at the so reasonable price of $20 Bds to learn his important role in local galleries, why his face and its lines that Arthur decided one day must not slip away unnoticed!

The Great White Bajan Nude (Pg 12, from 1971) is the first on a theme Mr Atkinson has explored over the years… While Shaggy Bear (Pg 43, 1994) is one of Arthur’s exploration of Bajan folk characters, a painting so important the Central Bank made it part of their own collection.

Many folks came to observe the special occasion, at first it was held in the courtyard but then they were forced to beat a hasty retreat inside due to unexpected drizzles where the final presentation was made!

Mr Atkinson thanked everyone profusely, but stated emphatically that although he’s received a Lifetime Achievement he’s far from over – as he has plans early next year to open a new exhibition with different methods again in expressing art!

You don’t have a lifetime to appreciate Arthur Atkinson’s many talents – you have less than a week actually! From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day until the 25th which is Saturday coming! Don’t forget to support the Collector’s Club and purchase a catalogue of the double-A’s works at a mere $20.00 too!!

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