Former Skitsomania star strikes again? Comedy video thwarts Canada’s Tory Majority

What happened during Steven Harper’s childhood to scar him so deeply, and make him so nasty to artists?

The following video was made for Canada’s Department of Culture “30 Seconds and Gone” video page.

Next thing ya know, The Toronto Star reports that the Tory lead is shrinking fast.

Respondents who had watched either debate were also asked if they were satisfied or dissatisfied with the performance of the five leaders. Jack Layton came out on top with a satisfaction rating of 62 per cent, followed by Elizabeth May (57 per cent) and Dion (50 per cent). The performance of Harper and Gilles Duceppe failed to satisfy a majority of viewers (they scored 47 per cent each).

In Quebec, where the Conservatives had been hoping to find a crucial portion of the 155 seats needed to win a majority in the 308-seat Commons, the Bloc Qu?b?cois has rebounded since the early weeks of the campaign and now holds 40 per cent support, compared with the Conservatives’ 28 per cent.

Coincidence? You be da judge

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  1. i really have to find the time to post about mr harper’s shrinking lead


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