Brit Actor in Real Life Soap Opera in Barbados – Admits sex with teen but now regrets rash deed

If loving you is wrong I don’t wanna be right
If being right means being without you
I’d rather live a wrong doing life

Your mama and daddy say it’s a shame

It’s a downright disgrace
Long as I got you by my side I don’t care what your people say
Luther Ingraham, #1 – 1972

Not long after we married, I discovered I met my wife when she was 16, I was 19, but nothing further happened until we were adults – the thing is, I told her if I knew then what I know now? I would run the risk of statutory rape and ransack her goodies post-haste!

The difference in my situation and what is going on with poor ol’ Ben Freeman is the fact I am in love and ended up marrying my “16 year old,”whereas quite a few Bajans believe his bold move was very likely motivated solely by lust and as for the teen girl – as many females do – some folk feel she was probably seeking for a more lasting relationship and if sex cemented it, all the more power then!

I really have to ask though…. If she had her period as she claimed, why did she allow the actor to pull her into the pool? Isn’t that nasty? Sure there’s chlorine but Good Lord!

What really is the role of the parents in this? They introduced him, Ben even joked with the gal’s dad by doing the same pool-trick (Ew, the dad was swimming about in his daughter’s own – ACK!), again it has to be asked… If Ben was untrustworthy – why was he left alone with her for any period of time? How could father or stepmother allow that?

The Mirror left off the part that Benedict shed tears in his testimony, again – if HE knew now what he did then? He’d ve probably taken a cold shower and a wank!

Freeman, 28, told the [Barbados] High Court … how the girl’s step-mother approached him and asked him to come and introduce himself to the youngster.

He added she “offered the information” she was 16 and studying part-time. Freeman said: “She seemed a nice, bright, interesting girl. She was smiling and laughing a lot, so she seemed quite fun.

I knew that she was younger than me the first night we spoke but she seemed mature for her age.

Two days later, Freeman said they went for a walk on the beach before returning to the hotel pool where they kissed on a lido.

His lawyer Anesta Weekes QC asked: “Did you feel her resist at any stage?

No ma’am,” he replied.

The Mail did not hide the young man’s outburst, also the matter of her alleged menstruation popped up too –

Contradicting the girl?s evidence, he said he did not remove a tampon before having sex and never saw one at all. He said she never mentioned anything about being on a period.

Ms Weekes asked: ‘In all this time had she shouted at you to say ?stop? or tried to push you off to get off that lounger?

No ma?am,‘ Freeman replied.

He said they were interrupted twice by fellow hotel guests when they decided ‘there didn?t seem to be much point in carrying on.

We sat in the lounger there in each others? arms,’ he said.

It was then that another guest arrived and started taking pictures of the couple and said he would sell them to a newspaper, Freeman said.

He said it was only then that the girl seemed upset.

Her mood completely changed, ma?am,‘ he said. ‘She was happy before hand but I could visibly see that she was not happy.

She held me very tightly and buried her head into my shoulders.’

He said they held each other closely to try to protect their identities. ‘I wanted to hide both of our faces to protect myself and her,’ he said.

After the man left they gave it a few minutes before going back towards their room, he said. Freeman then repeatedly apologised, he said, ‘as I understood that if it wasn?t for me then the pictures wouldn?t have been taken.’

He left her to go get his clothes but could not see her when he returned. He then saw her dad, who ‘started punching’ him until they got separated, but said he did not know why.

Freeman said he then saw the girl being taken into a room by her stepmother before they came out to face him.

‘(The stepmother) said ?tell him what you told me? and (the girl) at this point looked very upset. I think she had been crying. She didn?t say anything, she just looked at the floor.

‘(the stepmother) repeated ?tell him what you told me? and grabbed her arms.’

With his voice breaking and eyes watering, Freeman went on: ‘She said ?Tell him that he raped you!?

She looked towards the floor and she nodded, ma?am.’

Ms Weekes asked him: ‘Did you rape her?

Freeman replied emphatically: ‘Did I rape her? No ma?am.’

Describing the scene, he continued, with his voice breaking: ‘I didn?t know what to say ma?am, I?ve never been accused of rape…

I was just crying. I looked at (the father) and said ?I didn?t rape your daughter.? I said ?I didn?t rape her?.’

After stopping briefly to catch his breath, he added: ‘I said it again and again.’

Breaking down in tears, he then said he phoned his mother that night and ‘I said ?I never raped her, I never raped her?.’

Earlier Freeman had told the court he had worked as an actor for ITV for 10 years and that he was known for playing mechanic Scott Windsor in the soap Emmerdale, who ‘wasn?t a particularly nice person‘.

But he said that since the alleged incident in November 2006 he had been ‘released’ from his contract.

His voice broke as he told of the effect the allegations had on his life.

I have not been able to work, ma?am, so I?ve just been at home,’ he told judge Margaret Reifer.

The newspapers at home they have printed lots of things about this so everyone knows about it… I?m just at home.’

Now get this, the teenager “forgot” to mention the kissing before the so-called attack! In some countries, that could be viewed as perjury! There was also a medical expert brought in to state the girl was a virgin yet virginity could also be lost through gymnastics or horse-riding, and there was no remnant of the hymen 12 hours after the incident… The case is still going on.

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