Barbados has singers like Shontelle & Rihanna, Film-Makers like Blue Waters Productions, but what of Film Directors like Kubrick, Huston or Scorcese?

When there’s music videos in the USA, especially Hip-Hop and R&B, you go to P-Diddy or Hype Williams… In Barbados, there’s Zotikos Studios’ Selwyne Browne!

Look at Selwyne Browne’s style in fashioning a surreal craft around Fitzroy’sCan’t Keep Waiting” (BTW: What the hell happened to the Frog with a Sword out to save the Universe? His blog is totally inert!) –

Then, Selwyne gets very raw/raunchy yet moral and Anti-AIDS in Keisha Christian’s “Totally Unacceptable“, here the storytelling is very simple and WYSIWYG

Da Elfer now is multi-skilled, sort of like Ralph Bakshi, in that he’s comfortable with live shoots but obviously prefers digital animation, here’s his treatment of a turtle –

Then he uses the vocal talents of Clairmonte Taitt to convey the old Anansi tale of how monkeys are always so mischievous –

Now, here’s Da Elfer enjoying the ambiance of an intimate performance with the husband-wife team of Cardea playing at the Gap –

What do these guys have in common? They are all talented in conveying cinematic storytelling and they’re on YouTube, you should look them up! Here’s another one who should have earned more prize’s in the B’town Film Festival; Neil Sorhaindo – here’s his take on a humourous analysis of evil people from comics and cartoons…

Humour is not all he does, he tinkers with special effects, as in modes of transport, then making you wary of what you drag from the fridge after a while –

Here’s the most disturbing feature, it makes you wonder where do dreams go … “Frightened and frantic, young Toba finds himself being chased through an unfamiliar forest, by 3 beings. His only salvation is a premonition of a young lady, who seems to be only one who can help him… She calls to him, and he goes to her. It turns out that the forest and the beings are a warped representation of another world… The real world. But the question is… is he really the insane one?

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