In the span of less than a year, Barbados has had two highly publicised trials concerning rape – one is between two foreigners while the other involves a local girl who was a minor at the time of her situation. Rape, and whatever other permutation of violations can be involved, is an odd and at times tricky tightrope to walk – sometimes it’s greasy or other times there are high winds, to see your way can be lit as if with Kliegs yet at other times even a piece of candle is welcome… At no time, can you as a lawyer, jurist or even spectator walk the path the same way each time, there are and have to be variations for numerous circumstances.

To cite an example of stark differences, is the fact that in the Jippy Doyle affair? The case took 7 years to reach a conclusion but in the case of Brit Soaper Ben Freeman, he is on trial 2 years after the alleged incident.

The flurry seen around high-profile or high-stakes court matters is not as buzzing with the UK folks as it involved no one local, a view upheld by many near and far… Whereas the purported evangelist was considered more juicy as he was blaring his message every Sunday on TV, radio and even from the one-time Olympus Theatre behind Parliament. It did not help the victim was 13 at the time of the incident.

Many Barbadians even pondered if it was due to such a High Profile, or a Big Up as the street slang goes, is why the former cleric was able to stay out so long on bail as compared to an overseas actor of minor status? Doyle’s accusation created ripples within the region as well, even in 2005 –

It was reported in the Today newspaper on the 15th September that Dr. Jippy Doyle from Barbados would be gracing our island with his holy presence.

This man, who claims to have been cured of an incurable mysterious illness (eh?) and who talks to God also claims to be a prophet. I guess I must be too because I predict there will be a hurricane in the Caribbean and a Tsunami too, one day. People will die, floods, destruction…. etc.
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That was from a St Maarten blog of 3 years ago, they were not kind to Doyle, nor you may say was Barbados’ own Daily Nation, who posted an interview 4 years ago when Doyle was attempting to lay claim to predicting the Asian tsunami and even the Twin Towers tragedy!

The skewed predictions reinforced the cynical side of many Barbadians, but was merely water off the backs of the duck-like congregation of the former preacher. Actually, in the court of Public Opinion, Doyle had been sentenced ever since and fingerprinted, DNA swabs and all the rest…

Ironically, there are those who think he is perhaps now seeking some sort of amnesty while incarcerated, and this is by attempting to bless and reform hardened souls within the walls of Dodds, the replacement for Glendairy HMS Prisons.

How come a similar situation of an adult and an underaged teen earned less attention? For Barbados, it appeared to be a subtle form of relief that no local girl was sullied nor any Bajan fellow got wild, it seems even better as it was foreigners among themselves. It also helps that in this scene, it appears the alleged victim may be a mastermind or directed by one.

What the Sun showed that no one else touched was a photo which may possibly clear the actor, an act of fellatio does not necessarily convey forced activity since the “girl” would OBVIOUSLY have an immediate form of riposte, as in her teeth? It was the same form of reasoning that led many to question the necessity of jailing ex-boxer Mike Tyson for rape, since what was the girl doing in his hotel room during the wee hours – with her shoes off, no less?

The newest development is the same dude who took the photo, claims he heard sounds of enjoyment from the pair, and when he got his camera, he found them “cuddling” – as an attacker would you offer solace after the event? Also, why did the father of the teen gal allow her to be alone with the actor for any duration if there was some doubt as to his “purity“? Here is the what the Mirror had to say –

Fellow guest James Broughton said he had earlier heard ?pleasurable noises? from a lounger where the pair appeared to be having sex.

Mr Broughton recognised Freeman as Emmerdale?s Scott Windsor and returned 10 minutes later with a camera. As jurors saw the snaps, he said: ?Ben Freeman and the girl were cuddling on the sun lounger. He was sitting upright with her on his lap.?

The salesman said he and a pal were at the isle?s Almond Beach Village hotel when they decided to investigate sounds 15 metres away. The star, 28, and the teenager, 16, seemed to be having sex and Freeman was ?moving up and down on the lady?, Mr Broughton told the nine jurors.

This reminds me of a similar situation years ago when some folks claimed a popular calypsonian/balladeer years ago had lorded off his prowess with a young white girl, and her father called our Gendarmerie-BB to put the singer in their target marks only to get embarrassed as the girl, who just became a legal adult, told cops she wanted the whole thing – but Dad is a racist, ouch! Case closed…

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  1. as you said its questionable. I do find this case with the soap star interesting though. could be one of those cases where after the fact the girl told daddy she was raped. or maybe she was drunk or could be the witness is lying. who to believe. if i was a betting man though i’d say he gets off the charges.

  2. he got off as expected


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